Sarah and Jordan

How we met

We actually met on Tinder, even though we have a handful of mutual friends! Our first date was at Alioto’s in San Francisco and we were supposed to see a movie but we spent so long talking at lunch we missed it completely! So after lunch, we walked down to the aquatic park and sat and talked while waiting for a different showtime.

I remember him making fun of me jokingly because I thought it was cute the way the seagulls were hopping from step to step. We then went to see the Intern at the Presidio movie theater in the Marina, and he was a perfect gentleman and hugged me goodnight!

how they asked

He has learned over the course of our time together that there are certain things I would rather keep as memories for the two of us to share rather than for the world to see, while he would always share and celebrate with everyone he knows. For our engagement, he coupled the two ideas. He proposed on our two year anniversary. We made reservations at Guisseppe’s in San Luis Obispo where we live to go to dinner. While we were at dinner, my friend went into our apartment and set up flowers and champagne in our room. He recorded the whole thing on a GoPro that he had got just for this (which is great because I was so excited I barely remember it!) and proposed just the two of us in our little home in SLO.

We had already planned a trip to San Francisco for our anniversary to visit friends and little did I know he had big plans for that weekend. While I thought we were headed to LaRocca’s Corner to celebrate his friends birthday, he had orchestrated a massive surprise engagement party with all of his family and friends. My parents and siblings flew in from Portland, I had friends come from Portland and Chicago and his mom came in from North Carolina to be there – and I never for one minute saw it coming. We spent the night celebrating with everyone who meant the world to us, and then the rest of the weekend with our best friends and family.

Special Thanks