Jordan and Ryan

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How We Met

I met Ryan in the 9th grade. I transferred to Lexington High School and I was so scared the first day because I didn’t know many people. I got to first period early and then in came Ryan, it was like a scene in a movie where everything stops, you two are the only ones in the room and as he is walking past you, the fan is blowing his hair and it looks and you and smiles. Well that actually didn’t happen but in my mind it did. He sat right in front of me and we hit it off right away. That weekend we went out with a big group and the rest is history! we dated our 9th and 11th grade year but stayed friends our senior year. Then freshman year in college he texted me on my birthday and asked me to go to a Auburn football game with him. It was like we never skipped a beat so we started dating again, third times a charm right?!

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how they asked

I had not been feeling good, so we stayed in and watched church online. Before we started he asked if I wanted to go eat lunch with a friend from work and his wife. I still didn’t feel great so he said we could wait and see how I felt later because they had to run errands after church so it wouldn’t be till later if we went. I took some medicine and started feeling better, but still wasn’t feeling like I wanted to go out. Ryan said we still needed to go meet them because they were going skydiving and needed to borrow the GoPro.

So I started getting ready, I wasn’t even going to put makeup on! I pulled out my errand dress, which is a little big but so comfy. When I started steaming it Ryan said your actually wearing that?! He kept trying to get me to wear this dress he bought me, I didn’t want to cause I figured he might propose the next weekend and I really wanted to wear it then! But I gave in and got ready and thank goodness I did! I really had no idea he was going to propose. We got to Big Spring Park and he said they were going to be a little later so we just started to walk around.

We walked to this beautiful fountain, which is when he kind of gave it away. There is usually no one over there and that day there was. When we got there he said, “Man, there are people here.” I was thinking what would he want there to be no one, there could only be one thing he was planning to do so I got butterflies and was really hoping that it was coming. I suggested to walk down to the other fountain and when we got there I turned around and he was down on one knee!

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I couldn’t see any thing but a big glare off the diamond cause there were tears coming out of my eyes!

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All I remember him saying was that he should have done this a long time ago and he couldn’t imagine his life without me, my mind was doing flips because my best friend was asking me to spend me life with him!

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