Jordan and Ryan

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How We Met

We grew up together and had classes together in high school, but we never dated. I left the state for college and he didn’t. When I would come home on summer breaks or other vacations, I worked at a local Chinese restaurant. He ended up working there too so we started to rekindle a bit. After a few first dates, the rest is history! We ended up dating long distance for three years throughout the rest of college and one year of grad school, and then we moved to New York City together after graduation!

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How They Asked

Ryan asked me at the Cherry Blossom hall of The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which is where a couple got married on the show Gossip Girl, my absolute favorite. Knowing he chose it because of that was really special, as well as the fact that we live in Brooklyn and him choosing a famous Brooklyn spot too. It was a very rainy spring day and I couldn’t believe we were going to a GARDEN in the RAIN. Haha, it took him quite some work to get me to agree to go because I was not in the mood to dress up and go outside in the rain. But the weather meant the gardens were completely empty, and it was so peaceful and beautiful. We walked to the cherry blossom trees and I couldn’t believe how stunning they were!

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The ground was covered in pink leaves and the trees actually looked like they were raining petals! It was so beautiful and as soon as we arrived under the pink canopy, Ryan started to say how much he loves me and wants to spend the rest of our lives together, and then he got down on one knee. I couldn’t believe it and I was overcome with emotion and had tears in my eyes when I said “Of course!”

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He helped me put the ring on and then his brother was secretly there taking photos. He came over to congratulate us and then we did a whole photoshoot in the empty gardens in the rain. It was so beautiful and such a special day that I will never ever forget!

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Special Thanks

Nick Horan
 | Photographer
Amelia Kisling
 | Planning