Jordan and Robert

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How We Met

Rob and I met on a group trip to Keenland in the Spring of our sophomore year of college. On the 1 1/2 in half car ride down we instantly bonded. As the day at the races went on I remember telling one of my girlfriends that I really liked Rob. One point during the day Rob convinced me to sneak into the horses stable and feed some of the race horses, my goody-two-shoes self would have never done anything like this before! We learned that we had a lot more in common then we thought! T he year prior i was dancing on the sidelines at The University of Cincinnati football games while Rob was playing on the field.

how they asked

My mom had called few days before and asked if I wanted to do some holiday shopping, I was ironically off and thought why not?! As I got into my moms car I was shocked to find my two older sisters in the back seat, who then told me we were going to get our nails done. At this point I still thought nothing of it, after getting our nails done my oldest sister asked we could stop by my apartment to use the restroom before we go shopping. Once we got to my apartment they handed me an iPad with a message from Rob and my first clue. I was caught off guard but Rob is always doing fun little adventures, so this wasn’t out of the norm! My first clue I was given led me to my sorority house. Rob was my sororities Sapphire Man, which we always joked about.

As soon I got out of the car I was greeted by roommate and my little who then swung open the doors where tons of my sisters came out and serenaded me with a kappa song, now I was really caught off guard! After they sang to me I was given my next clue. This clue came from Robs grandparents and it couldn’t have been cuter! This clue led me to Nippert Stadium where I spent my freshman year dancing on the sidelines and the remaining years cheering Rob on from the stands. As I walked down the stadium stairs I was shocked to find my younger brother and Robs younger brother who gave me my next clue. This clue was to go Rob and I’s favorite bar while in college. I arrived at the bar to find my 2 best friends waiting with drinks ready! At this point I couldn’t believe how thought-out this scavenger hunt was.

After finishing our first round of drinks they gave me my next clue, which cued the waterworks! My loving parents gave me my next clue that took me to Rob & I’s church. When I arrived at my church to find a very special friend who had my next and last clue I just couldn’t believe it! Rob had gotten my childhood best friend who currently is living in LA to give me my final clue. As we drove to my last destination I had no idea what to expect. My sisters aka my drivers for the day had convinced me that Rob had a big dinner planned. When we arrived at one of my favorite spots in Cincinnati, I could see rob in the distance with a huge bouquet of flowers. After what seemed like a mile walk I reached Rob and the tears started coming. Rob got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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Complete shock. After realizing what just happened I turned around to see all of our family and friends. The day couldn’t have been more perfect.

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