Jordan and Rickey

Image 1 of Jordan and Rickey

How We Met

Rickey and I started dating in high school. We both worked at the local grocery store where I was a cashier and he was my bag boy.

how they asked

Fast forward 8 years and we had just bought a home together. We were so proud and excited to have our first get together with our close friends, family and fur baby, Cooper. It was the perfect day and everyone was having an awesome time. At one point we both locked eyes and I could tell he was beaming with happiness, as was I. I was catching up with my best friend who had just returned from a trip when Rickey announced he wanted everyone to come in the living room. I assumed he wanted to do a toast to many years of happiness in our new home.

Image 2 of Jordan and Rickey

That was until he turned to me with the biggest smile on his face. He said something about not wanting to live another minute without making me his wife and then asked me to marry him. I never imagined I would cry when he asked me, especially after 8 years. But through the tears and emotion of being together with everyone we love, I said “yes!”. The proposal was so him and so perfect. Turns out he was planning to wait until we went on vacation 3 weeks later but felt that moment at our home with our favorite people was the right one. And he couldn’t have been more right.