Rachel and Jordan

How We Met: Jordan and I met in college, my freshman year, his junior year, through mutual friends and Greek life.

how they asked: Jordan asked me to be his girlfriend at the end of summer 2012. After only a few days of dating, we went out to Texas so I could meet his mom for the first time. While we were out there, we went to a Texas Rangers baseball game. He played baseball from the time he could stand through his senior year of high school, and I have always been a big sports fan, so I knew this relationship would be just fine :). Two and a half years later, we were in Texas again visiting his mom and she decided to take us out to the minor league baseball team, the Frisco Roughriders, stadium to take some pictures on a Saturday morning. (She is a photographer and almost always took pictures of us when we were visiting her, so I didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary). We walked into the stadium and went out on the field and she started posing us, taking pictures, and doing her usual thing. All of the sudden, Jordan walks over to his moms’ camera bag and pulled out a baseball. As he walked back over to me I read the words “Marry Me” perfectly monogrammed on the ball.

Image 1 of Rachel and Jordan

He got down on one knee and said a few words that I wish I could remember and I of course said yes. It was the perfect proposal, and not to mention his mom was snapping pictures the whole time of our moment! I will never forget April 18, 2015!

Image 2 of Rachel and Jordan