Rachel and Jordan's Incredibly Sweet Love Story

How We Met

Jordan and I met in Kindergarten. We were playing on the same forest green YMCA basketball team, and Jordan’s dad was the coach.

Kindergarten Basketball

Though that first meeting wasn’t of much significance, we do remember that it was the first time we met.

We attended the same school, but never had the same teacher until 5th grade, and that was the year I began crushing on Jordan. All my closest girlfriends knew it, but he didn’t and neither did anyone else.

Then, in January, that all changed.

We were in P.E. and it was the last day of the hockey unit. The girls had played one game, and then as the boys were playing, the girls sat on the bleachers and watched. The girl sitting next to me decided to pass the time by talking about boys. She got right to it and asked me who I liked.

As a shy fifth grader, I told her that I wasn’t going to tell her, but she decided to guess, and of course Jordan was the first name she guessed. I blushed and smiled, so she immediately knew that it was, in fact, Jordan. However, I never expected what came next. She turned around and shouted across the whole gym, “Jordan! Rachel likes you!”

Well, my secret was out. Jordan, who was playing in the goal, began showing off for me. At the end of class, we lined up next to each other and the rest was history…well, kind of.

On Valentine’s Day, the fifth graders went to the skating rink, where I gave the same friend who shouted across the gym a dollar so Jordan could buy me one of the fake roses they had there (I figured boys were oblivious and needed a little help being romantic). I still have that rose to this day.

Valentines Day Rose

The night before the last day of fifth grade, I remember writing, “I am going to marry Jordan Christopher DeMeyer” in a little notebook with hearts on the cover. It still amazes me to this day that I knew at such a young age who my soulmate was.

As 6th grade began, we got bad news. Jordan’s dad had accepted a job in Iowa. Since that’s where Jordan’s parents grew up and where most of his family lived, naturally it made sense for them to pack up and move to Iowa. So, by mid-October, they were gone.

Jordan and I wrote letters back and forth for a while, he called me around my birthday and I even got to see him once in January when he was back in Kansas to visit friends. But soon after that, the letters stopped coming. I didn’t know why until much later, when my mom told me she hadn’t sent some of them because she didn’t think it was healthy to maintain such a close relationship with that many miles between us.

So with no letters, we fell out of contact.

In the fall of 8th grade, I got his phone number and we would text each other every now and again, but that was scarce and we were both busy.

By March of my freshman year, I hadn’t really given much thought to Jordan, and I was in the airport, waiting to board a plane to Atlanta for a band trip to Disneyworld. One of my friends came up to me and said, “Hey, did you know the DeMeyers are moving back?”. A little dumfounded and unexpecting, I replied, “noooo…” but soon confirmed with my mom that they were, in fact, moving back.

Ecstatic, I texted Jordan and told him how excited I was! He was not excited, angry in fact, so I just left him alone.

That summer, in June to be exact, Jordan and his family moved back to Kansas. That fall he began attending my high school, and I was hoping to resume things where we left off, so I made efforts to talk to him and try to rebuild our friendship. Jordan, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with me.

Through the year I watched girls flirt with him and listened to girls talk about how cute, talented, nice, funny or smart he was. It was really tough. Eventually it got to the point where I realized that our relationship wouldn’t ever be what it once was, so I gave up on rebuilding things. And that’s about the time that Jordan started to notice me.

Our junior year, we had four classes of seven together, so I saw quite a bit of Jordan. He was good friends with some guys that I knew really well, one of which was my neighbor. That meant sometimes I was in conversations with those friends, and with Jordan.

Jordan also played soccer, and my brother was on the team, so I was at nearly every game, and often congratulated him on a great performance (because he was one of the best on the team).

By September I realized that Winter Formal was coming up, and our Winter Formal was Sadie Hawkins, so I knew that I better start finding a guy to ask. After two of my good guy friends turned me down, I wondered if Jordan would want to go. Knowing he’d turned two girls down the previous year, I decided to find out if he even wanted to go before asking him in a really cute way and getting turned down.

To my surprise, he told me that he was actually hoping that I would ask him! I was so full of joy!

I asked him with a soccer ball that said, “I’m hoping to SCORE a date to formal. Will you ASSIST me?”, all while wearing his jersey.


Two weeks later, on October 27 of 2013, he asked my dad for permission to date me, and upon approval, asked me to be his girlfriend under the stars at the corn maze.

how they asked

To be honest, talk of marriage came a lot sooner than it probably does for most couples. To give you an idea, we first talked of our wedding on Halloween, four days after we’d started dating. And the first time we said, “I love you,” to each other was in mid-November, before we’d even been dating a month.

Knowing that waiting all through college (5 and a half years of dating) before we got married wasn’t something we wanted to do, we discussed the possibility of getting married in college. I think it scared our parents a bit when we first started discussing it with them, but it is something we know God has been shaping and preparing us for.

After speaking to many people we were close to and praying about the possibility of getting married in college, we knew this was something God wanted us to do, so we began heading that way.

On December 17th, two of my best friends came back home from college (mine had been out for a week already), and we had a girls night planned. We got our nails done, ate pizza, watched Christmas movies and painted canvases. Since I knew a proposal was coming, I had a hunch that the next day would be the day Jordan popped the question, but I wasn’t entirely sure.

Jordan had been telling me for a while that he wanted to go on a “dress up date” to Freddy’s, one of our favorite restaurants here in Kansas. On the 18th, he took me to Freddy’s for lunch, and then we stopped by our elementary school. Near there is a bridge over the highway. Back when we attended school there, we would take a field trip to the nearby nature center and walk across the bridge as a class.

In the summer of 2014, we had noticed that people had been putting locks on the bridge, much like the bridge in Paris. We had put a lock on the bridge that summer, but after the local newspaper wrote an article about the locks, all of them were cut down. So, Jordan brought a lock with him and we put a new lock up on the bridge.


After that, we headed back to my house, planning to visit our tree. Our tree is a mulberry tree on our property that my dad let us carve our initials into. Nearby, we buried a time capsule that we planned to open only if/when we got engaged.

We walked up to the tree and admired Jordan’s carving skills from a year a half ago. He pointed out a weird spot in the carving, asking if that had been there when we carved it. I studied it further, and then when I turned back around, he was down on one knee holding the most perfect ring I’ve ever seen!


He asked me if I would make him the happiest man in the world and I said yes!

Jordan was so excited that he picked me up and twirled me around, then almost fell over. We both laughed because that is so typical of him.

As we celebrated, three of my best friends came running from behind cedar trees where they were hiding, congratulating us and hugging us over and over.

After a few pictures together and with friends, Jordan grabbed the shovel and started digging for our time capsule. We didn’t really do a great job of marking it, so after half an hour of digging, we decided to come back to it later.

My mom was waiting for us in the house with sparkling apple cider to celebrate.


After celebrating together and stopping by our dads’ office to tell them everything, we met one of our friends downtown to get our engagement pictures done. Here are some of our favorites!

Engagement Picture 1

Engagement Picture 2

Engagement Picture 3

We found the time capsule the next morning and had fun reminiscing over past memories and reading the letters we’d written to each other.

Since the proposal we have been so encouraged by everyone’s excitement. Being so young, we weren’t sure what the general reaction would be. It has been great to be supported by so many people, and we are excited to start planning for our forever!

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