Jordan and Nick

how we met

We met on a dating website. Nick messaged Jordan first; his message was, “Hello is a good place to start.” Neither one of us was looking for anything serious, but here we are!

how they asked

Once we started talking about marriage, Nick asked Jordan to pick out her engagement and wedding bands; on a trip to Washington D.C., we visited the Brilliant Earth showroom and purchased a set. Once it arrived at Nick’s house, he kept it hidden away for the perfect time. His plan was to propose during spring break while we were on a trip, but the plan went a little awry. He had decided to ask while we were in New Orleans, but due to bad weather and a bad choice of hotels, that plan got scrapped. Instead, Nick proposed to Jordan in the car while we were in the movie theater parking lot. The best part? The movie we were about to watch is titled “Death Wish.”

Special Thanks

Amy Maddox Photography
 | Photography
 | Floral Designer
Mr. Prettys Skirt
 | Apparel
Hamilton Pools
 | Location