Morgan and Jordan

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How We Met

When we were 16 years old, we met through our older brothers. Our brothers had been friends for a whike and we didn’t actually know about each other. We connected through music and singing and became best of friends. We connected immediately after we met and best friends we were for a few months. After six months of being the best of friends Jordan finally asked me to be his girlfriend after we had both fallen in love with one another. After seven long years, we are still together!!

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how they asked

On September 20th 2016, Jordan Andrew Brown asked me to be his wife. Jordan completely surprised me by getting me to ride with him to Charleston, South Carolina from Greensboro, North Carolina for a family dinner. He told me that his brother, who is in the navy – was coming to Charleston for a few days and he wanted to see him. I told him the only way I would travel is if our families got together to do have dinner. Little did I know I was walking into my own engagement dinner.

Jordan had gotten all of my family, his family and my best friend from 5 hours away to be there. My father and brother were in on the surprise the whole time, and I never assumed anything. We did this family exercise to introduce everyone and when we got to him, the spotlight was on him and he proposed. The moment was magical an unforgettable. One phrase I will always remember that he said was “it’s time for action”, & immediately after that, my man was on one knee.

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