Jordan and Mitch

September 14,2014 Mitch had just moved to Fort Worth and without any internet or cable decided to spend his Sunday afternoon at Buffalo Wild Wings, watching is Patriots play! I had a craving for mini corn dogs and had placed a Togo order! While waiting at the bar I noticed a cute boy a few seats down from me, and decided to wink at him! Well finally after 2 attempts later.. The cute boy came over and introduced him! We’ve been together ever since…

how they asked: 1/30/2016 earlier thay week Mitch had mentioned that we should go downtown for the weekend since the weather was going to be nice! He told me to pick a nice restaurant and he would make reservations, we needed up and Simplu founde! After an amazing four couse dinner! Mitch suggested a carriage ride! ( which is my all time favorite thing, and hold a very special meaning to me) so we walked over to the hotel, where the carriages pick you up! First one we saw was Cinderella and i said we can take another one if you don’t want to be seen in this one… He said no let’s take this one! Half way through our ride he told me to look down a street and the next thing I hear is babe don’t be mad( I hate suprises and he knows this) from out of his shirt pocket came the most beautiful pear shaped ring! He said will you marry me? And I responded shut the front door and are you sure with tears streaming down my face! Finally I said yes of course!! This cinderella finally got her prince!

Image 1 of Jordan and Mitch