Jordan and Miles

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How We Met

They say good friends always have your best interests in mind, well in this story our friends knocked it out of the park. Last New Year’s Eve my friends Jilleighann and Garrett hosted a party at their house. I met Jilleighann at my first job after moving to Texas in 2012 and we have been inseparable ever since. Their friends Natalie and her husband Patrick were also at the party, Natalie and Jilleighann got to talking about the fact that I was single (just the kind of talk you want on New Years Eve!) and determined they should introduce me to Natalie’s brother, Miles. Miles and Natalie grew up in the same town as Garrett and they all share mutual friends and childhood stories. Coincidently enough all of the girls at the house that day took a photo together. Natalie posted it on her Instagram account and her brother saw it the next day. When he saw it he called Natalie and asked, “Who is that girl? I have to meet her.” Thank the Lord he was talking about me!

I was not all that excited about being set up so I delayed for roughly two months, but Jilleighann was persistent that Miles and I would get along, and even Garrett assured me it would be a good idea to meet. Once we all find a free night we met at Top Golf for some dinner, drinks and attempts to hit golf balls. Miles from the beginning was nothing but a gentlemen and conversation was easy and comfortable amongst our group(Jilleighann, Garrett, Natalie, Patrick, Miles and I). At the end of the night the waitress told me my bill had been taken care of, the girls quickly pointed to Miles who was standing at the bar inside with the guys. As we walked to our vehicles I thanked him and told him he didn’t need to pay for me and he said, “I know, but you’re welcome, and I’d love to do it again sometime.” As if the response wasn’t enough, hearing those words amongst his southern drawl and I was done for.

A week later Miles picked me up for our first “solo” date; indoor skydiving and dinner…which was followed by drinks at another bar when neither of us wanted the night to end. And that is a perfect description of our time together thus far, effortless and never enough.

how they asked

The weekend Miles proposed was just like any other. We woke up early on Saturday, did some work on the house and parted ways, him to hunt and me to the ice arena to coach a few practices. That same day I received a text message from his mom asking if could go to family dinner Sunday night. She and I then planned a surprise dinner for Miles’ birthday, which was actually later in the week but we all wouldn’t be together for.

As planned Miles and I arrived at his brother’s house around 7pm and were greeted by his sister-in-law Taylor, and their 7-month-old baby, Brees. Taylor mentioned Brees had been fussing a little due to new teeth coming in and asked if I would go on a golf cart ride with her to calm him down. Who could resist? So we headed off down the path in an attempt to amuse baby Brees.

Casual small talk, a stop at a pond to look for ducks and one dropped pacifier, everything seemed normal to me. As the sun started to go down we continued along the path until we saw a huge lit up sign. The sign read, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Of course, my first reaction was, “Are you kidding me? These people need to get out of our way so we can get baby Brees home. We aren’t waiting for this.” Then Taylor took Brees from my hands and said, “Jordan, this is all for you…go get your cowboy.” Well…I guess we will wait then. Never have I been so caught off guard. I make the rules, I set the plans, I give the gifts and I surprise people…now it was coming back to me and in a grander way than I could have ever imagined.

I had to be extra careful walking down the hill to where Miles stood, it was already a night I would never forget, I didn’t need to add to it by falling face first into a pond. With a bouquet of lilies in my hand I said “Yes, Please!” to one of the most incredible people I’ve ever known…then I turned around to see family and friends walking out of the trees. I still can’t decide what shocked me more, the fact that I found the person I’ll spend the rest of my life with, the fact that I had been surprised when I thought I was the one doing the surprising, or seeing the overwhelming amount of love and support in my life with all those loved ones who hid in the trees to watch us start the next chapter of our lives.

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