Jordan and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met the summer of 2017 by mutual friends. He had just returned from 4 years in the Navy. A few weeks prior to meeting I had a conversation with God telling him that I was going to stop chasing love and let Him decide when it was time to meet “the one”. I had been praying for a man that would treat me the way I had always envisioned. I met Michael and all my prayers were answered. He messaged me on Facebook and asked me out on a date. After the first date we spent everyday together. It only took 8 months for him to ask me to be his wife and it was the easiest yes I’ve ever said. I am so thankful and expectant of God to show his grace and love through this season of our lives.

how they asked

I went out for a girls day with my closest friends. We went to lunch and got our nails done which is something we do often so I didn’t suspect a thing! Meanwhile my best friend from South Carolina was setting up for the proposal of my dreams. I was riding in the car going back to my friends house when she pulled over on the side of the road. I looked up from my phone and saw Michael down by the lake standing on the dock with candles and roses. Of course I immediately started crying. I got out of the car and walked down to join him. After he asked me to be his wife all my closet friends and family came and joined us on the dock. Including my mom who lives 5 hours away. I have never been surrounded by so much love before. By far the best day of my life.

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Special Thanks

Jenn Davis
 | Photographer
Emily Johnson
 | Planning