Jordan and Michael

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How We Met

People always say there are two sides to every story and ours definitely testifies to this. Jordan and I met in April of 2016 at a Tuesday night church service. I walked into church that evening with some friends who had invited me and during the service Jordan, who was sitting a few seats over from me caught my attention. I thought she was beautiful and I actually knew she looked familiar because a few days prior to this night, a mutual friend of ours had posted a picture of Jordan on her Instagram page, so I went to Jordan’s Instagram and actually followed her. I spent that evening doing a little social media “window shopping” if you want to call it that. So throughout the whole service I was thinking about how I would approach her without sounding too creepy since I just followed her on Instagram a few days prior without ever having met her. I decided to go introduce myself and man, she surely was beautiful. I was awestruck and some may say it was “love at first sight” and if it wasn’t that, then I don’t know what it was. I was able to talk our group into going to get ice cream, mainly because I wanted to spend time with Jordan and after church we all went to get ice cream and spent the rest of the night exploring Nashville. Now, I knew that I needed to get her number over before the night was over, so when she went to hand me her phone to take a picture I said, “I’ll use my phone and just send it to you”. Knowing that she would have to give me her number so I could text the picture! It worked! And I ended up with her number.

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Now if you ask Jordan what her first thought of me was it would have been a lot different. She thought I was kind of weird, quirky, and definitely not her type. She didn’t even think anything about giving me her number, and she will tell you; “I was ‘talking’ to another guy at that time so I wasn’t even noticing him in that way, to be honest.” Well, I left that night, speechless and amazed at this girl. Well, I did the right thing and waited until I found out that she and this other guy ended things, before I tried to pursue her. I started by asking her to “hangout” and go explore and then it was, “Hey! Let’s hangout more…” Then one day I got the nerve to ask her on a date. She would go on to tell the story like, “You know, I enjoyed hanging out with Michael, but never saw him as anything more than a friend. He was nice and fun to be with, but that’s all. So when he first asked me out I said, ummm I’ll think about it.” And that’s exactly what happened. She said, “I’ll think about it”. Not a yes or no, I’ll think about it. So I didn’t know what to do next and said, okay take your time. Little did I know that it would be another 3-4 months before she would actually go out with me on a date. I asked her 4 different times to go out and her answer always seemed to be, “I’ll think about it”. But, when she let me, I took her swing dancing in the park, to dinner, and then out to ice cream and we had an absolute blast. We even ended up at a random apartment complex, and jumped in their pool with all of our clothes on! The first date went well, and let’s just say we’ve been on quite a few dates since then.

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how they asked

January 3, 2017 could not come soon enough. I had been planning since October to propose to Jordan and I was so excited. I went to Zale’s and picked out the perfect ring, asked her dad for permission, and eventually told my family I was going to ask her over Christmas break. When I finally set the date, I started the preparation. Pictures and memories are something we cherish, so I wanted to include a lot of those. I spent time picking out pictures, printing them, and framing them to use for the proposal. As the day came nearer I had to pick a location, and only one place seemed fitting. There is a small park by the lake in our town, and at that park is a pavilion. Jordan and I spent many dates at the lake, sitting and watching ducks, feeding ducks, or even sometimes catching up on our studies, so it had sentimental value as well.

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I wanted to make it as pretty as possible, so I strung lights up the side and ceiling of the pavilion and decorated the inside of the pavilion with more lights, burlap, and the framed photos of their relationship. I told Jordan to dress up for a date and I would pick her up at 5:45. I had already booked a hidden photographer and worked everything out so the lights would be turned on when we walked up, so the hard part was done. After I picked her up, we headed to the pavilion.

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When we got there Jordan was a little confused, but she just assumed it was a picnic date or something When we rounded the corner of the park to walk up to the pavilion she started to catch on – she knew something was up when she saw all the lights and decorations. We walked up and started browsing through the photos and laughing about memories and times we shared together. While Jordan was looking at one photo, I knelt to one knee and shared my heart.

“Jordan, ever since the minute I saw you, you were taking my breath away. I cannot imagine spending my life with anyone else. I love you more than I did yesterday and I will love you even more tomorrow. Will you be my bride? Jordan Elisabeth Passman, will you marry me?” She said yes, amidst the tears rolling down her face and our amazing story from this new journey in life began!

Special Thanks

David Weflen
 | Photographer