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How We Met

In 2013 I was at a party and had told one of my friends I was having the worst luck with dating recently. She asked if I had heard of this new app called Tinder and showed me how it worked from her phone. I was hesitant but thought, “what the heck?!”. I downloaded the app and started swiping left and right. Matthew was one of the first guys I matched with and he was the first person to message me. His message said something like “You have a nice smile.” (I still joke with him about that message.) We started messaging each other and eventually exchanged numbers and started texting. After a couple weeks of texting we decided to meet up for a date. We met at a local bar and restaurant for dinner and drinks. I was 20 minutes late because of traffic and made him wait out in the cold. To this day he will not let me live that down! We got inside and sat at a small table in the corner by the bar. We ended talking for hours. We discovered his sister was good friends with my best friend’s boyfriend. What a small world! After the first date we were pretty much inseparable and dating him just felt right!

how they asked

We were planning a trip to San Diego to attend a friend’s wedding. Neither one of us had been to California and we were so excited to spend a few days out on the west coast. It was the day before our trip and Matthew sent me a text at work saying he wasn’t feeling well and was going to go home early. He was going to take our two dogs to his dad’s house because they were staying with him while we were gone. Our flight was leaving at 6am, so it was best we take the dogs over the day before. Matthew said he told his dad he wasn’t feeling well and had a sharp pain in his right side and his dad urged him to go to urgent care right away. I was worried about him and when I got home from work and saw he wasn’t there, I panicked. A few seconds later he arrived home and said the doctor gave him something to drink and it made his side feel better but they urged him to go to the Emergency Room if the pain came back. We were in our kitchen discussing last minute details about our trip, when out of nowhere Matthew said “I was thinking…I shouldn’t take my girlfriend to California, I should take my fiance!” I turned around and he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring! At first I thought it was a joke but once I saw the ring I knew it was real! I honestly don’t remember if I actually said “yes!” I was so surprised and was even more ready to go on our trip to celebrate! About an hour later Matthew was in a lot of pain and said he thought he needed to go to the ER. I drove him to the hospital and the nurse told us she thought he had appendicitis. They did a CAT scan and confirmed that he needed emergency surgery to remove his appendix. At 6am instead of boarding our flight, Matthew was heading into surgery. An hour later he was out of surgery and appendix free! Even though we were not able to go on our trip, I’m glad Matthew is healthy and feeling better. Who knows? Maybe we will plan our honeymoon to San Diego!

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