Jordan and Matthew

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Do you believe in fate? I’m not sure I fully understood the power of fate until the very moment Matthew pulled me in to face him and dropped to one knee. And I don’t mean that in an ‘omg he’s proposing’ cliche kind of way. No, I’m talking my whole life (trials and tribulations – mistakes and lessons) has prompted me to be right here writing this. Fate that says “Holy crap the path I have been on, especially the past two years, makes absolute sense!” Fate that screams “Life is good! That I have never had a better handle on my life and what my future looks like.”

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Let me paint the picture for you. We both lived in Cleveland, Ohio at the time which may have lead to an easy Bumble connection, however, we both swiped right when he was passing my parents lake house on his way to Columbus to visit friends for the weekend. What are the actual odds! Shout out to Bumble, we owe you a cocktail or 7! It didn’t take long before we decided to meet in person at a local bar called Nano Brew in Ohio City. I was there first. Sat at the corner of the bar, nervous beyond belief in true Jordan fashion, waiting with drinks for him to walk in. Our eyes met, we both smiled, and I had a gut feeling my life was about to change. After a few hours of nonstop chatting he suggested we go bowling where I won my first kiss, game over, and the rest is history.

We have been inseparable since. Over the months that followed we enjoyed things we both loved – family, friends, the lake, all things water, 4-wheeling, travel, and not enough dancing. I met my match. I met the person who was more of a chameleon than I was. An adventure seeking couple that goes with the flow in the moment but plans every detail to get to that moment. The couple who gets dolled up to dance the night away and the next day we are covered in mud ripping around on a 4-wheeler. My prayers were answered! The perfect blend, a man who could do both. Be handy, be all things outdoors, yet be an extremely smart business man working downtown in the city. YAS PLEASE! We did face a bit of minor long distance while he was living on the east side of Cleveland in his hometown of Chesterland, Ohio while I was on the west side in Lakewood, Ohio (it essentially felt like the east and west coast). After much debate of east versus west, I finally sold the west side to him and he made the move.

Fast forward to a few months ago – I was perplexed as to what my next chapter looked like in my career. Do we move south? Do we stay in Cleveland? So many unanswered questions BUT again fate. A job opportunity presented itself with the help from a dear friend. A residential design and construction company (JP Compass – PLUG! check us out!) that was in the midst of moving their office to CHESTERLAND, OHIO the week I joined their team! Matthews hometown! Everything was coming full circle. Which leads me back to the moment where I knew fate was real. There I was standing over a compass that pointed me to my north where I said YES! to an absolute forever.

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Special Thanks

Paige Rataiczac
 | Photographer
Makayla Mollé
 | Planning