Jordan and Matt


This past summer I lived at home with my parents before my last semester of college. Matt had graduated and was training for the Pittsburgh Steelers camp. So we spent the entire summer separated by hundreds of miles and different time zones. We had been apart for about 8 weeks when on a Tuesday like any other my parents told me to be ready to go to a nice dinner with a “client” when I came home from work.

After I threw on a dress and spritz of perfume, my mom stalled me in the back room, asking me to help her pick out an outfit. When the doorbell rang, she asked me to answer the door and greet her client.

I about passed out when that client turned out to be Matt, down on one knee. He flew in from across the country and completely surprised me.

The night we met, two years prior, Matt knocked on the door of my apartment in our college town because we were neighbors. He lived in a small house across the street from my tiny apartment.

So, on that ordinary Tuesday (now unlike any other), when I opened my front door, he balanced on one knee and he said, “The last time I knocked on your door it worked out pretty well so I figured I’d give it another shot.”

He’s 2/2 so far…must have a good shooting eye ;)



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