Jordan and Markus

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How We Met

When Markus and I were 18 we both decided to move to Hawaii to do Christian Missions. He is from Melbourne, Australia and I’m from Los Angeles, California. I couldn’t resist walking up to Markus the moment I saw him and tell him how cool his outfit was. Little did I know that I would be wrapped around his finger after hearing his Australian accent. We got to live in Brazil together, away from wifi, friends, and family. The days when I was so overjoyed or feeling lonely, he was always there to hear me out and comfort me. We went back to our countries after that trip and I couldn’t imagine us being separated after having such an incredible experience together.

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There was no way I could end up with another man after becoming so close to Markus. It’s been five years of close friendship and the past two years of being in love. Those two years have been filled with numerous 50-hour journeys to each other between America and Australia. Although the time apart was excruciating, being able to be with him every couple months made it all worth it. Every few months we would travel to exotic and historic locations together. Drinking wine under the sparkling lights of the Eiffel tower, running around the hectic city of Tokyo and marveling at the cobblestone streets of Prague are some of our favorites.

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how they asked

I get to visit Markus in Australia a couple times a year. Usually, we travel the world instead of being at his house. During my most recent visit, I woke up to Markus baking brownies. Baking brownies is what we used to do when we were just friends and would sneak away from everyone to get some alone time. He told me we were going on a picnic.

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It’s winter here in Australia. He took me to an arboretum with giant burnt red and green trees. We walked behind the trees to the most spectacular view of a lush green valley filled with fog. The sun was shining so bright. We laid there, drank coffee and ate our brownies. Markus then got me up to do a photoshoot. We both love taking photos so it was nothing out of the ordinary.

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Markus took my hand leading me through the maze of trees. We finally found the perfect private spot. He stopped and took my other hand. At that moment he looked me into my eyes and began to express his love for me. He told me about his desire to restore my view of broken marriages in my life. After a slight interruption by a couple walking their dog, Markus got on one knee and asked me to marry him. HECK YES! It was a magical moment. The man of my dreams, my best friend and my hot Aussie asked me to be my life companion. who wouldn’t say yes?

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