Jordan and Mark

How We Met

Mark and I met at youth group in high school and I was always so nervous to talk to him because I had the biggest crush on him! We unfortunately lost touch until he reached out to me a few years later! Our first date was his friends wedding, and from that day on, our connection and love grew! It was not until our third date that we had our first kiss at the drive in movie theater…so Jurassic World will always have a special place in my heart!

As we continued to grow together, we were able to support each other as we graduated college and pursued our dream jobs. As the years went by, marriage and kids had been mentioned, but we did not have a definitive timeframe of when that would happen. So when he did get down on one knee, I was completely surprised!

How They Asked

Now, if you know me, you would know that I am a diehard Packers fan and my ultimate dream would be to have a proposal or wedding at Lambeau Field. I never told Mark that was what I wanted, because I never thought it could be our reality. On my birthday, Mark surprised me with second row tickets in what Packers fans know as the “Lambeau Leap Zone”. This is where the players do a Lambeau Leap after they score a touchdown. So you can imagine my excitement when I opened them!

As we planned our trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin, I asked Mark if he’d like to stay up there the night before as the game was an earlier game, and he agreed. I decided to buy tickets to the Lambeau Field stadium tour they had the day before the game, but I didn’t tell Mark about them until the day we were driving up.

During the stadium tour everything was going as normal, and at each major location, the tour guides would stop and let people take pictures and would take pictures for people as well. So when we were down on the field, I expected nothing but a picture on the field with Mark! Well, that’s where Mark got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! When I turned around and saw him get on one knee, I asked him, “What are you doing” before I started to ugly cry! I of course said yes! I was completely caught off guard. Looking back at the moment, certain things began making sense, like when he asked if there would be a security detector to walk through before entering the stadium, or when he insisted I use the bathroom before the stadium tour as he wanted to warn the tour guide of his plan! I know Mark is the man of my dreams and he truly knows what makes me happy and the proposal is just one way of showing that. Lambeau Field was my favorite place on Earth, and now it means that much more to us! I cannot wait to be his wife!

And to top off the most amazing day, we got to catch Aaron Jones in his Lambeau Leap the next day! I felt like I was in a dream!

Jordan's Proposal in Lambeau Field