Jordan and Loren

How We Met

Loren and I met at Lake of The Ozarks during a powerboat poker run. Well, we didn’t formally meet. We laid eyes on each other. We did not know each other’s names or anything about each other. Weeks or maybe months later, he befriended my boyfriend at the time on Facebook or vice-versa (every power-boater seems to be social media friends) then realized, WHOA, that’s that girl!! He then befriended me. I accepted because of the same enjoyable hobby, boating! We never interacted because I was in a relationship at the time. Later down the road, my toxic 6-year relationship had ended and he noticed. Come to find out, it took him nearly a month to have the courage to slide into my DMs. How cute!! We talked via Facebook, then text, then phone calls. We would talk for hours. And I’m not the biggest conversationalist but he made it SO easy and comfortable! He then asked me on a date. He’s from Kansas and I’m from Texas so we met up at the Casino halfway. The moment we laid eyes on each other, it was just a rush of excitement. It was actually the cutest thing ever, he could NOT stop looking at me with the cheesiest grin. (OMG bringing back the feels! ?) We spent the evening talking over dinner and gambling the night away. Basically, haven’t wanted to leave each other’s side ever since… now it has been over a year of pure bliss. Talk about hitting the jackpot!

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How They Asked

My sister in law wanted to take a beach trip with my nephew since he had never been before. So we decided to invite my whole family to go and make a big trip of it. Ft. Lauderdale here we come! A few weeks out Loren decides that he wants to invite his whole family too since neither side had gotten to meet since we had started dating. It was a perfect time, we both knew things were getting pretty serious, and I was so excited for our families to intertwine. We all enjoyed dinners, hanging out by the pool, drinking wine, and going to the beach. Since Loren and I are avid boaters and frequent the keys often we wanted to experience this with our families and show them why we are so in love with boating in Florida. Loren had just purchased a new boat so we all loaded up and cruised from Miami to the Keys.

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Jordan's Proposal in Key Largo, Florida

We stopped at our favorite spot, Gilbert’s in Key Largo for some drinks and then cruised over to the Playa Largo Beach Resort for a lunch reservation that Loren had made without my knowledge. The water started to get shallow so our captain asked me to run to the front and make sure we were clear to start docking. I’m leaning over the front of the boat watching and then I turn around when I hear Loren call my name (I’m literally tearing up as I type this) kneeling behind me and he says “Jordan, I have something I want to ask you…”

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Jordan and Loren's Engagement in Key Largo, Florida

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I immediately start bawling like a baby. I just couldn’t believe this day had come, and to have both of our families there to witness and celebrate with us was the most special thing! My younger brothers girlfriend is a professional photographer and had been carrying around her camera the entire trip, so I hadn’t thought anything of it until everything transpired. We took announcement photos and then went to our little lunch celebration Loren arranged! I’ve been on cloud 9 ever since.

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