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This is defiantly my favorite story! I love my church in our beautiful city of Green Bay. I was helping them do social media at the time and I loved it! Lance, my future finance, saw me walking out of church and then saw me on our social media! It is funny because I usually go to church causal because I head to work after at an all star cheerleading gym Green Bay Elite. Lance said he saw me walking out of church with my best friend and he decided to contact me! He messaged me via facebook, which I very rarely check, and I didn’t reply at first. He said he has recently moved back to the area from Milwaukee and was wondering if I would like to go to dinner. I typically do not answer people that I do not know and so I really didn’t think anything of it, and went about my day. We were headed to a big cheerleading competition in Louisville, Kentucky and I was really busy preparing the kids that I coach. I told my best friend, who has always tried to get me on dates, Lance had messaged me and she encouraged me to go and if anything he could turn into a great friend in town! I messaged him back and he seemed nice, but I was busy getting ready for Louisville so I told him I was “busy”. We talked a little bit via Facebook messenger and then I left for Kentucky only thinking about my job that weekend at the competition and ready to give my all to my kids, so I was really focused on my task at hand.

On Saturday Lance messaged me to ask how my kids were doing at the competition. That made me really think what a nice guy, that he cares enough to ask about something I love so much! That is where he really started to spark my interest and once the competition day 1 was over we talked for a little bit about how my teams did that day at the competition. That night we made plans for Wednesday at a local sushi place in Green Bay. He sealed the deal when he asked about my competition weekend and it made me really excited for my return home. Wednesday came along and we were set for dinner and I was so nervous and excited that when I was leaving work I looked at my best friend before I left and said should I go?, she said YES and pushed me out the door and I am so thankful she did.

We had a wonderful dinner and great conversation and he asked if he could have my number, and I said yes! We continued to talk to through the night after dinner and went on our second date the following Wednesday. It seemed like Wednesdays turned into our date nights each week, and I knew it was something special when I was really looking forward to the next one. We had so much fun our dates and we just really took our time to get to know each other and had a ton of fun. I am so glad that he came to church that day it was just meant to be!

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how they asked

This is a dream story! We had talked all summer about going to Vegas and one day he told me to check my flight ap, and there was our little weekend getaway! I love Vegas for so many reasons, but now it is such a magical city to me! I was so surprised and so shocked, that now when I look back at the day there were so many clues! Here is my fairytale…

Lance told me that my best friend entered us in an Instagram give away for a free photoshoot and we had won! She is always entering to win free items, so she played the part that she had finally won one! Being a former Miss Wisconsin USA, I am pretty used to having to get ready for photoshoots, so he utilized the photoshoot idea to help me get ready for our amazing night! He knew I would make sure everything was just right for the shoot! I hired an amazing make up artist, bought the perfect dress, and hair my nails done so perfect! It was all so normal that I truly thought nothing was happening besides the photoshoot!

We woke up super early to get on the flight to Vegas. Our uber showed up and ready to go! Lance’s mind must of have been on overload because he forgot his backpack in the uber, and he didn’t realize it until security! I thought nothing of it and told him to call the driver back and no worries if you don’t have the backpack we will still make it to Vegas! Well to find out the RING was in the backpack driving around Green Bay lol! So he called the driver and no worries the backpack was given back to my sweet yet forgetful future fiance! I just giggled a bit as I usually don’t stress over things like this! So our connection was in Minneapolis and well lets just say the weather was not cooperating, of course, so we landed super late. There was NO WAY we were making it to our next gate in time! Well my future fiance took my bags and said run. On his flight ap they had already booked us for a later flight that wouldn’t get in until 5! I again was like no worries, we can make this work dinner was at 6 photo shoot was at 7:30 we will be fine! Lance then reminded me we will have no luggage, I was in a cute little romper that would’ve worked great for a night out and he could go buy a cute new suit at our hotel! We got off the plane and BOOKED it to the next gate! The flight ap said the doors were closed but we went for it, and guest what WE MADE IT! He was so cute and on a mission, and now I understand why! Then the story gets even better OUR LUGGAGE MADE IT TOO! It was all working out for us, and these little travel mishaps just makes our engagement so much better! All was good and we just relaxed and laughed and enjoyed our flight to Vegas!

So the only thing that threw me of that day is my best friend/roommate/my person was seriously so quiet all day! She acted so busy all day long, and she was acting so different! I mean come on she didn’t even send me her normal snap of my beautiful puppy Bella Bleau, which is the norm each time I go out of town! Here is the thing, I knew deep down she was up to something, because we truly have a fun 6th sense about each other and I felt for some reason she was in Vegas! You will later find out my future amazing finance, Lance knew how important she is in my life and he flew her to Vegas for our engagement! The reason she was acting so odd is because she was traveling to Vegas to surprise me on my big day! This was such a huge surprise and so big to pull off!!!

We couldn’t get into our room at the The Wynn, so we ventured around and laid by the pool for a bit! It was beautiful out! My make up and hair artist Olivia was coming to the room at 2:45 and she truly made me feel so beautiful! She was so awesome and made the afternoon so chill! In the back of my mind I thought maybe he would propose tonight, but some of the signs were not there! Lance was so cute getting ready and he sent my family and friends a snapchat saying all ready to go and ready to ask the girl of my dreams to marry me! Our moms, sisters, and friends had a private group chat that they had been talking in all week! Cherokee, the best friend who came to Vegas, was updating and sending pictures to all of them!

Our dinner reservations were at 6PM at my favorite place at the Bellagio called Olives. My friends and I always have dinner in the perfect spot, and Lance had found out exactly where that was and had that table received fountain side. In my mind I thought ok I had sensed my best friend, she is going to show up to dinner and here is where he going to ask me to marry him. Nope it was just a normal dinner, and it was so good! Such a beautiful night and we just truly enjoyed each others company. Lance looked so handsome in his suit, I love when he dresses up, and we just had the best time. At the end of dinner he quickly drank 2 glasses of wine and seemed a little antsy now that I think about it, but at the time I thought nothing of it because it is VEGAS BABY! We then had to get ready to meet “the lady” who would give us our “winning photoshoot”!

They were hiding my best friend and I almost ran right into her! She had texted me she was going to bed because she had a big day at work the next day and with the time difference and it seemed all normal! I had to go to the bathroom so bad around 7:30 but that is when they were staging Cherokee and Lance said lets wait to pay the bill first and then we could go! They pulled off that one good as we would’ve passed each other for staging, and the bathroom! We were set to be at the photoshoot meet spot around 7:45 and the sweet lady from the Bellagio (who helped Lance plan this amazing night) said don’t worry about the flowers as we had a wedding earlier and they were left over! She then took us to the photographer who started taking pictures! It was so beautiful we had gorgeous flower petals going down the stairwell, a rose petal heart, and a beautiful bouquet of roses was sitting there! I in my mind though oh so pretty for that wedding couple, and never thought it was for ME! The fountain show then started and the photographer then said turn around and watch the show! I LOVE THE FOUNTAIN SHOW!

It is always so magical and so beautiful! The song was Celine Dion my heart will go on and Lance was just so sweet and said I picked this song, and I just smiled and thought no way how did you pick the song for the whole water show? We talked and laughed and then he started digging is his pocket, and something seemed stuck and he said well I have a couple things for you. The world then stopped, and you know how they say time stands still, well it in the middle of beautiful Las Vegas it did! He said the words that were so beautiful, and told me how he knew when we met I was the one and he loves me so much! He can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with me and for me to be there mother of his children.

Before I knew it he was one one knee saying Jordan Marie Morkin will you marry me? I immediately said yes and covered my mouth in disbelief! I stood him up and I couldn’t let go! I hugged him forever and when you watch the video I fell into his arms! I couldn’t believe it the love of my life had asked me to be his wife!

After this excitement he whispered in my ear I have one more surprise… I thought what more could he do? He turned me around and said look up and there was my best friend! I said, I knew it I knew you were here! I was so in shocked and so excited that the rest of the night was truly a dream. We took more pictures with our photographer and then took time to fictive our family members, who were so excited! We then went back to the room at The Wynn and he had yet more surprise a beautiful robe that said Mrs. Treankler! It was so cute and a great way to end our perfect engagement night!

I was so excited and my engagement night was perfect, and my future husband went above and beyond for me! I was in shock and barely slept that night! Lance made me feel so special and it was a dream proposal! He did an amazing job surprising me and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him! Viva Las Vegas!


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