Jordan and Kristina

How We Met

It is really funny how life works. Jordan and I met when we were 15 through mutual friends (actually two of our best friends to this day.) I immediately thought he was the cutest boy I ever met, we hung out a few times, kissed once then basically never spoke again until senior year. Although we always kept an eye out for each other on social media, he was that guy I never really got a chance with and I was that girl he “stupidly let slip away.” Senior year came around we were about to graduate and two of our good friends started dating. I was on a competitive cheer team with her & Jordan was attached at the hip with him. So they end up at our cheer competition that day and I was completely shocked. That day he told me he wasn’t going to mess this chance up and to be completely honest I laughed at him. Here I am 7 ½ years later sitting next to the love of my life (& fiancé) wondering how on earth I got so lucky finding my person at 18 years old.

how they asked

It is nearly impossible to surprise Kristina, so we had to go ALL out in planning the proposal story! Essentially, Jordan had told her they were going to deliver a Vespa (he runs the family-owned dealership in Sherman Oaks) to a client’s winery in Ventura for the owner’s birthday celebration, and they were going to celebrate with some wine tasting afterward.

Jordan and Kristina's Engagement in Four Brix Winery

Jordan's Proposal in Four Brix Winery

Upon arrival, the owner introduced herself and asked for them to come to the back to see where the event was taking place and where to set up the Vespa (yes, he had it in his truck with a red ribbon it — I’m telling you, ALL out!) When they walked into the barrel room and turned the corner they came upon a setup of a beautiful floral arch, candles, and lights everywhere — at which point Jordan told Kristina they weren’t really there for a delivery. After some sweet words, including “Yes”, Jordan and Kristina were surprised by their closest family and friends to cheers with!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Four Brix Winery

Special Thanks

Morgan Galindo
 | Photographer