Jordan and Kolten

How We Met

Kolten and I met back on the first day of 8th grade on September 9, 2009. He was new to the small Christian school I had been attending for a few years and due to the size of our school, its thankfully not hard to become friends with everyone in your class. Over the year we became good friends, I thought he was funny and so sweet right away. Over the next few years our friendship became more than just a friendship, we went to almost every single school dance together and we officially started dating October 23, 2011. Little did I know, Kolten had been in love with me since the first day he met me and told himself “I will make that girl my girlfriend,” and HE DID!!! I fell for his kind and gentle soul, his beautiful eyes, his deep love for God, family and friends, and how he endlessly pursued me for over two years (I guess the whole “playing hard to get” thing works sometimes, even though I definitely wasn’t doing that on purpose hahah!). It was something that not only we wanted, but a lot of our friends at school had been rooting for since we met and my friend Brenda was even the one to hype him up before he asked me out. He asked me out by sending me the sweetest song (Tangled Up in You By Staind) and that song will be the song we have our first dance to at our wedding.

Proposal Ideas Willow Valley, AZ

We dated all throughout high school, went to every dance together (even though he isn’t the biggest fan of dances), graduated together and went on to the same university together, Azusa Pacific University. We did not plan on going to college together, my top choice school was his last choice so I definitely thought we would be going to different schools. I wasn’t worried because I knew we were meant to be together and whatever happens, we could handle it. I will never forget the day he told me he was going to APU, I think I cried a few tears of joy. I was honestly terrified to start college so knowing he would be there made me feel so at peace. We ended up living in the same dorm building and we ended up choosing the same major… people never believe me when I say we did not plan this, haha but I promise we did not plan this. We spent all of the freshman years together, we hit a bit of a rocky spot in our relationship come Sophomore year of college and we broke up for most of that year. It was the hardest 7 months of my life but when I look back to that time, I realized it was what we needed during that time. God has a plan, and those 7 months were definitely part of it, and thankfully He also planned for us to get back together.

Jordan's Proposal in Willow Valley, AZ

We have truly awesome friends. They were there for both Kolten and I during those difficult 7 months, and they were there to cheer us on as we got back together. Our best friend Caleb played a huge role in that. I know he had a lot of conversations with me during that time about where I was in life and how I was feeling, and I know he definitely did the same for Kolten. He has been one of our biggest supporters since day 1 and it is just so great to have people in our lives like that. We have been back together since May 23, 2016, and since that day we have not stopped talking about marriage and forever. Kolten proposed on August 23, 2018 (my 22nd birthday!!).

Jordan and Kolten's Engagement in Willow Valley, AZ

how they asked

I had been suspicious all summer long that a proposal was coming soon. We always talked about getting engaged after we graduated from college (which we did in May 2018), and that summer would be the time to take the next step. So I waited.. and waited… and waited all summer. I got my nails done every two weeks, made sure I looked more than decent every time we went out or I left the house, and Kolten could see right through me, hahaha he knew exactly what I was doing. He caught me totally off guard on my birthday. We were out on the river for the week with my family and 6 of our friends (and his parents who drove out to surprise us after the proposal). The river is my absolute favorite place in the world. I grew up going there. I spent every summer of my whole life there, and when Kolten and I started dating I started to bring him along and he found a new love for the desert and river.

We planned this trip for my birthday about a month ahead of time, little did I know I was also planning our engagement trip! The evening of my birthday we got off the river and back to the house early because my best friend Halle is a photographer and wanted to take “birthday pictures” for me. I went along with it and got ready and did my hair and makeup and off we went right before sunset. We drove down to the water but there were too many people there to take pictures so we drove to a field behind our house and walked along the dirt road. She was taking pictures here and there but she made me keep walking about 200 feet and I had no idea why until we passed a huge stack hay bales and Kolten was standing there. He looked so nice, and I instantly knew what was going on. He was crying before he even got to me, and then I instantly lost it and we both sobbed the whole time. I was in such shock and was trying to process all that was happening that I can only remember bits and pieces of what he was saying. Next thing I knew he was down on one knee looking up at me and I couldn’t help but grab and kiss his handsome face. I didn’t even look at the ring until a few minutes later when I realized there was a ring on my finger!!

We made our way back to the house where all our friends and family were there to congratulate us and celebrate with us. We celebrated with a gourmet meal of mac n cheese, hamburgers, and wine (my birthday meal of choice). That evening and the next day was spent calling and texting family and friends and sharing the good news with everyone. I am still in shock and two weeks later I feel like it is starting to settle in that we are getting married… we already have a venue and a date and we are just so excited for this next year of life, and then all the years after!! I am so incredibly in love with this man and I want nothing more than to spend my entire life by his side. 7 years down, 100 to go!

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Halle Keeth
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