Jordan and Keaton

How We Met

Keaton and I both signed up for a mission trip for 11 months through 11 different countries. He’s from Arkansas and I’m from Texas! I quickly learned that he has a HUGE heart for working with an orphanage in East Africa, and I did as well. From that moment on my friends would joke that we were made for each other and I was for sure going to marry him. Over the next few months, we chatted a few times about the trip and just got to know each other. Then, in August of 2016, we all had to go to a training camp for the trip in Gainesville, Georgia. That was the first time I met him in person and I instantly knew he was the one I wanted to spend forever with. We then spent the next 11 months serving together all over the world and I fell more and more in love with him each day.

How They Asked

So we both have a huge heart for Africa, which is what drew Keaton and I together in the first place. Our time there has really shaped who we are as individuals and as a couple. On the mission trip we met on, we spent 3 months there, but we had been home for almost 2 years and I was dying to go back. His family goes to Uganda every summer to work with Save Street Children Uganda and I was so excited the stars aligned and I was able to take off of work long enough to join them for two weeks! Little did I know it would be the trip of a freaking lifetime. We got there and drove out to the farm where the orphanage was to get some work done. On Friday, July 5th the kids that lived on the farm didn’t have school so we thought it would be a good idea to do a scavenger hunt with them!

I spent the day with Keaton’s mom planning out the scavenger hunt and making all the clues for the kids to find. We wanted the kids to end their scavenger hunt in the eucalyptus trees towards the back of the farm (which is my favorite place on the farm, it’s absolutely beautiful!). His family told me we needed to take pictures for people back home so we should wear something semi-nice. I truly thought nothing of it and actually walked out in shorts and a tank top, but I noticed Keaton’s sister was wearing a dress, so I went back and changed into something cuter (thank goodness!).

We started the scavenger hunt and Keaton was “acting” like he didn’t want to do it, so I may have thrown a tinyyyyy fit and made him lead the group of kids to the next clues. For the final clue leading them into the eucalyptus trees, he tried to get me to lead the kids but me being the stubborn girl I am, insisted he needed to lead the group (oops!). When we got into the trees, there was a box sitting on the ground that we had put the prizes in. Keaton insisted I open the box to give the kids their prize and when I did, there was a note inside. I read the sweetest, most intimate note and looked up to see him down on one knee. I was so shocked I started crying and laughing at the same time. I had been dreaming of this moment since the day we met and it was all so surreal.

Proposal Ideas Uganda, Africa

Needless to say, all the kids were so confused but everyone was so excited! There in the middle of our favorite place in the whole world, the freakin love of my life asked me to spend forever with him and my heart was soaring. It couldn’t have been a better, more meaningful proposal. Come to find out later, before he had even officially met me in 2016, he told his sister he was going to marry me and decided right then he was going to find a way to propose in Africa! It was the dreamiest proposal I could have ever imagined.

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