Jordan and KC

Image 1 of Jordan and KC

How We Met

The summer of 2015 is when our paths finally crossed. Both have heard about each other but we have never met before. We were in the same camping group to go to Watershed, a country music festival at the Gorge Amphitheater in Quincy, WA. Both of our best friends & their significant others were camping with us. During the festival, we clicked and shared a mutual love for music, baseball, dogs & family. We started dating a few weeks after returning from a weekend we never predicted.

Sine Watershed 2015 we have been to 12 concerts and have seen over 50 artists together. And we have added to our family with our puppy, Rori.

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how they asked

I had gotten KC tickets to see John Mayer at the Gorge, where it all began. I wanted to surprise him by stopping at the Wild Horse Monument just one exit before the venue. His best friend and wife live in Ellensburg, WA so we planned to meet up and surprise him for another birthday present. But it was all a setup. When we got to the Wild Horse Monument we all hugged and then took a picture. The view overlooks the Columbia River so his friend’s wife took our picture with the river in the back. I felt KC move and when I turned around I saw him on one knee! He asked me to be his wife & I SAID YES!!!!

Image 3 of Jordan and KC

After that amazing moment, we went to see John Mayer where we met. Drinking a bottle of wine and watching the sunset with my new fiance was the perfect way to start this new journey.