Jordan and Jordan

Proposal Ideas Kansas City (Above in a helicopter)

How We Met

I met both Jordans (they’re both named Jordan–how cute is that) by receiving his email that he had a crazy idea but needed some help to pull it off.

His love is a huge Kansas City girl and after school, they will be relocating outside the state. He wanted the proposal to be all things KC to give his girl something amazing and lasting before their big move.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Kansas City (Above in a helicopter)

We had so many ideas to kick back but a helicopter proposal was soon where we met our ideas in the most epic way. A tour of KC from the sky, you can’t get much more Kansas City than to have the whole place in the background.

Where to Propose in Kansas City (Above in a helicopter)

how they asked

Our execution involved a large sign on the Nelson Atkins lawn that read, “Jordan, Will You Marry Me?” Hilariously enough, the bride-to-be has needed glasses for some time and the sign was a touch on the small side, soooo after dipping down for the third time for her to read it, he popped the question over the static through the helicopter headset and all the tears ensued.

She had absolutely no idea. I posed as the helicopter’s photographer just grabbing shots of patrons and my identity wasn’t revealed until I started in with the tears, and of course she said “YES!”

This was such a darling couple, proposal and beginning chapters of a story we cannot wait to continue telling. <3

Special Thanks

Megan Julian
River's Edge
Helicopter Company