Jordan and Johnny

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How We Met

Johnny and I met on Tinder…but read on until the end because it’s not a typical meeting. We were a match and maybe exchanged 4 messages and went on our way. Then one night about a week later we were both out with friends and ran ended up at the same spot. As I was standing in a line, my friend looked at me with a shocked expression and pointed to the guy next to me saying, “Jordan! That’s the guy that messaged you on Tinder!!” I couldn’t believe it, because we hadn’t even established that we lived in the same city let alone would be in the same place, but I turned around and to my surprise Johnny was standing there.

Shocked, I just said, “We met on Tinder!! I’m Jordan!!” We hugged, said nice to meet you, and left. Later that night he messaged his number to me and from then on we started dating. Our relationship has been filled with two years of endless adventures, traveling, laughing, a new puppy, and countless incredible memories. I didn’t used to believe in fate, but I think the fact we were placed there to recognize and run into each other un-planned was fate. Which ended up being the theme for our love story… un-expected twists of fate.

how they asked

One day Johnny was scrolling Facebook and found the “Zales, Declare Your Love Proposal Contest.” He submitted a picture of us and a mere 50 words, out of boredom at work and just for fun. He though nothing of it and forgot entirely about the contest until a week later when he was contacted by Zales being informed we were the Grand Prize Winners. 3 days later, the two of us were whisked away for a free 4-day, 3-night stay at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, NY (our favorite city). Johnny had the opportunity to pick out a free ring, yes you read that right…free! We spent the first day exploring the city and eating far too much pizza.

The second day started with Frozen Hot Chocolate then Johnny told me to get ready to go to Central Park, our favorite NYC spot. We walked around to places we had pictures at from our previous trip, then he whisked me away to a rock overlooking the park and with the city in the background. He grabbed my hand and started his speech, and it was all a blur while he went on a knee.

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I started jumping up and down crying and heard the near by Central Park goers clapping for us.

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When he got off a knee, a boom mic was over my head and camera crews were exploding out the bushes. (I have NO idea how they managed to hide from me!)

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It was then I was informed he was the grand prize winner of the contest and we were being filmed the whole time!

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For the next 2 hours, the camera and film crews followed us around Central Park to collect B-Roll footage for their videos and advertisements (and we got a nice free engagement photo session from it, bonus!)

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It was such a whirlwind of a day and I couldn’t believe we were in our favorite city, for free, and the winners of a contest that allowed us to get engaged there!

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The second biggest surprise came the following day… when I found out part of the prize package was a private consultation and dress fitting with Vera Wang at her private studio! As a dress stylist, I freaked out. I got to spend the day trying on wedding gowns with Vera Wang herself, and filming in the most beautiful gowns ever. I was then told I was receiving a dress of hers for free as well! Oh. My. Gosh! It was a dream come true and truly made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. We are truly blessed and still feel like we’re on cloud nine with our proposal story and engagement.

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