Jordan and John

How We Met

We met at the end of our first year as freshman in college. There was a jam session in John’s room and my friend and I went to it. Afterwards we all went to The Donut Man and on our walk back from the cars he was one of the only people who talked to me. We soon realized that we had some of the same friends and one class together. We started to hang out together more and more until one day he asked me out and I said yes.

how they asked

We had planned a picnic for a Friday evening to watch the sunset. We went up Glendora Mountain Road, a beautiful mountain road with beautiful views. We set up our picnic and put some music on. We ate about half of the sandwiches which we had brought when this car came and pulled over where we had. I was very curious as to why people would have pulled over in the same section as us so I had John go and look. It ended up being our friends who are also engaged and a friend who was taking their pictures. They said they were taking their “save the date” pictures. Jake had his ukulele with him and I told John that he had his in the car so he went to go get it. We ended up taking a few pictures together before our friends told John to serenade me.

Where to Propose in Glendora Mountain Road

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Glendora Mountain Road

He started playing a song but then said that he had not practiced that song in a while so he was going to play a song that he had been practicing. He starts playing the ukulele and singing this song that I did not know.

He had written a song for that moment and sang it to me before pulling out a ring and saying that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and asking me to marry him. Then he told me that the photographer friend, Stephanie, was actually there to take our pictures, so we also took some cute engagement pictures right after.

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