Jordan and Joe

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How We Met

Joe and I met during spring break of our senior yer in high school. We went to the same school all 4 years but somehow never crossed paths. One night he happened to be standing outside our mutual friends house right across from my house, on the night I happened to get off work an hour and a half early. A group of our friends decided to hang out, that night he kissed me, and we started a whirl wind romance. Three days before we graduated high school he pulled me aside in front of his mom, and asked me to be his girlfriend, and we have been together ever since, almost 5 years later

how they asked

Joe and I had been together exactly 4 1/2 years in December 15th. It was a special Christmas this year because in August, Joe got into a single vehicle motorcycle accident… he was in the ICU for 5 days and walked away with nothing but bruises and scrapes. The first night his family, friends and I didn’t know what would happen, but he pulled through miraculously. He came home, got better, and went back to work a few weeks ago. Joe was so anxious for Christmas this year, telling me he couldn’t wait to give me my gift. (Joe is very obvious when he’s excited and it’s hard for him to keep things from me). I knew that he was maybe planning something for New Year’s Eve… but when I got off work that Friday I went to his moms like usual, we all ate Chinese food, and we exchanged gifts with his family.

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He had his younger brother sit me down, and give me a hug, when he moved, there was Joe on one knee. I was totally and completely shocked. My entire family knew, his whole family and all of our friends knew. I didn’t believe him for the first minute but when he put the ring on… it was real. I was engaged to my best friend.

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