Jordan and Javier

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How We Met

Javier and I met when we were in eighth grade at Trinity Springs Middle School located in Keller, Tx. A mutual friend actually introduced us to each other when they were walking into the cafeteria and I waved my friend down to talk to him about a class. That is when I realized Javier was actually with him and I was instantly warmed up by his smile and personality, even back in eighth grade! Till this day it is the first thing I notice when I walk in the room. He has one of the best smiles and is always so kind to others. He introduced us and we ended up exchanging numbers over FaceBook and became instant friends! We stayed in touch throughout high school as I had moved cities and would no longer go to the same school, but after graduation, we became extremely close that while hanging out he asked me to be his girlfriend. It has always been a joke between us that I had always known we would end up together one day as he was the first real crush that I had always wanted to be more than friends. I, of course, said yes and after a couple of years we moved into our first apartment and we had started to talk about our future and what it held. I knew he would be my forever, but as I had just started nursing school I knew we would probably not take the next step until afterward. Boy was I wrong!!

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How They Asked

We had made plans to get pictures done because our four year anniversary is coming up and wanted some really nice photos we could hang up and share with both of our families. We set the day up with a family friend who takes amazing pictures to help us out, it was going to be outside on Saturday, March 23, 2019, but as the weeks started closing in the forecast said that there was supposed to be a very nasty storm. I was on the verge of canceling (how dumb) when Melissa mentioned taking some inside at the Gaylord Hotel. It is absolutely beautiful inside but I was so set on the outside that I was now not looking forward to the pictures (not knowing what was to come).

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Javier sat down with me and told me that everything would work out and they will be just as great as if they had been outside. A couple of days later my step-mom called me saying that she and my dad were wanting to come up for the weekend to see our new apartment, I didn’t think anything of it as they had been trying to find a weekend to drive up anyways. I just thought what better timing as we had pictures planned and they could join them with us! As the day came we all got ready to head to the Gaylord and met with our photographer Melissa. As the pictures were moving along she told us that we were going to take a picture that took us by surprise. We had to turn the opposite way of her and on the count of three turn around.

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As I turned around Javier was on one knee holding a ring. It was such a perfect moment between the two of us and the words he said to me was that he had been waiting for this moment his whole life and that he wanted to spend every moment forward with me as his wife. I, of course, said yes and when he put the ring on my finger everyone started to clap and yell. At that moment I looked around and it turned out both of our families had all shown up! What a surprise it had been and thankfully captured by beautiful photos we will have forever.

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Special Thanks

Melissa Burns
 | Photographer