Jordan and Jake


How We Met

I was on the dance team at San Diego State and Jake had just transferred from University of Oregon to continue his college education and football career as a Quarterback. The football team hosts an event each year and puts on drills for incoming freshman. The dance team was in attendance and cheers everyone on.

Jake had asked another teammate if I was single and he said yes. So, later that day we had food set out for everyone who completed the drills. There was music playing and in front of the entire football and dance/cheer teams jake grabbed my pom poms and started dancing in front of me!

how they asked

Jake left me with a handwritten book when I woke up and he was nowhere to be found. He sent me on a scavenger hunt all day which included getting my favorite coffee (which he had pre paid for), buying a new outfit, taking a picture in his St. Helena Firefighter Helmet and so on.

Jake picked me up at 4:00 and drove me to Trinchero Family Vineyards. He walked me down the steps and with a beautiful view behind us started telling me how much he loved me, but before he asked he said he had one more surprise.

My best friend is a photographer and she jumped out of the bushes! He then re-focused me and got down on one knee, and I said YES!


Jake had flown my best friend out that day to take photos of our engagement and be apart of the most special day of our lives just like my best friend and I had always talked about.


It was a dream!


Special Thanks

Caroline Booth Photography