Jordan and Jake

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

How We Met

We both went to University of Iowa (Go Hawkeyes!) and met my senior year. Jake had come back for a semester while rehabbing an injury from playing professional baseball. We feel very blessed that God allowed our path’s to align!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

how they asked

One of our favorite places has always been Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. We planned to celebrate my parent’s new home and go out to breakfast afterwards (or so I was told). Everyone was dressed up and we toasted to new beginnings! Little did I know Jake had already asked for my parents permission, talked to my brothers, got the ring and planned the most beautiful proposal.

When we walked down to the pier, Jake asked to take a picture.

Jordan and Jake's Engagement in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

While we were posing, he said he had a question for me.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

*trying to figure out what he’s doing*

Proposal Ideas Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

*wait….no way…. is this what I think it is…?!?*

Where to Propose in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


“Will you marry me?” *I GET TO MARRY MY BEST FRIEND!!!*

“Yes!!! Yess!!!” *bawling crying for the remainder of the day*

A boat pulled past us and yelled “THEY JUST GOT ENGAGED!!!”

Jake’s parents who drove 5 hours in pulled up on the boat *more tears*

We got on the boat to go to breakfast, or so I thought. Turns out my entire extended family was waiting for us on the other side of the lake!

It was the most magical and amazing day ever and I feel completely blessed to call this incredible man my fiance!