Jordan and Jack

Jordan and Jack's Engagement in Olive Park, downtown Chicago

How We Met

According to Jack, we met in seventh grade when our two groups of friends hung out for the first time. But I don’t remember actually meeting each other until about freshman year of high school. We were always acquaintances, hanging out in the same group of people, but we were never anything more than that. Of course when senior year rolled around the we were put in the same AP Psych class. A few text messages about homework soon turned into texts about everything from weekend plans to college applications. These friendly text messages eventually led us to our first date, and after dating for about a month Jack asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes, but was unsure how we would date considering college was just a mere 8 months away. Little did I know that I would fall head over heels for him so quickly.

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As August approached we knew that we couldn’t let something so wonderful go just because we would be apart at college. So, we decided to give the whole long distance thing a shot. Despite every ones comments about how “long distance usually doesn’t work out” , we were determined to at least try. I went to school at TCU in Texas, and he decided to go to school at Wheaton College in Illinois. And although we were 1000 miles away, we learned how to make distance work. Every Skype call, phone call and weekend visit seemed so much more special. It may not have been smooth sailing all four years but we finally found ourselves categorizing ourselves in the percentage of long distance relationships that actually makes it! As graduation approached in May of 2016 we couldn’t believe that two crazy kids who started dating senior year of high school were one of the success stories.

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how they asked

It was December 23rd and we were heading to down town Chicago to celebrate for our 5 year anniversary. Jack had told me the day would be a surprise and wouldn’t budge on any of the details. Our first stop was of course to get donuts (one of our favorite things to do) and we did a little christmas shopping. The rest of the day was spent doing touristy things and just enjoying being together! Once 3:30 rolled around he said it was time to head to our first surprise. We got in the car and started driving towards Navy Pier. We parked in a near by garage and started walking in the rain towards the entrance. As we started walking, he veered off to the left and said, “Lets go in this park real quick” and once he said that my heart skipped a beat! As we walked along the path we stopped in an inlet with a perfect view of the Chicago skyline. Jack turned to me and said “You know how much I love you right?” and from there it is all a blur until I heard “Jordan Marie Fowler, will you marry me?”

I’m pretty sure he didn’t even get all the words out before I squealed out YES! As I wiped my tears I realized someone was taking pictures. Of course Jack had thought of everything and hired a photographer to take pictures of the whole thing.

After we were finished taking pictures, we walked to the car and headed to our next surprise – the signature room in the Hancock Tower. From 95 floors up we had the most perfect view of the entire city. At this point I was just wondering how in the heck it could get any better, until I found out we had one more surprise. Because I was still in a state of shock I could not comprehend where we were going. As I got out of the car I realized we were on the edge of lake Michigan at a marina. As we walked a little further we reached the edge of a boat and Jack whispered in my ear, “welcome to your last surprise”. As I climbed on and opened the door, we were greeted with “SURPRISE!” from about 40 of our closest friends and family.

This was when the waterworks really started, here I am surrounded by my favorite people and I get to marry my best friend. Good gracious, I could not have ever in my wildest dreams imagined this day to be as wonderful and perfect as it was.

Needless to say, BEST DAY EVER!

Special Thanks

Robb Davidson