Jordan and Holden

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How We Met

Holden and I met in high school. I was with some friends of his sisters at one of his basketball games and we sat with his entire family. After the game, we went to grab food and we took it back to his house. I was freaking out because I knew how creepy it probably was for him to know I was there…. I mean I knew who he was, he was a great basketball player and in our area sports are everything. So anyways, he wasn’t there. I was relieved. Somewhere along the way both of his parents contacted him telling him to come home because there was someone he needed to meet. And when he asked who was there and found out it was me, he was on his way. I probably said five words the entire night, but somewhere along the lines it paid off because two weeks later I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was going to marry him one day.

how they asked

We were in the mountains and had just got back from shopping downtown. My feet ached and I’m pretty sure my fingers were about to fall off. He kept trying to get me to go to the lookout at our cabin, then to the putt-putt course, then the balcony….. Something with a view! Instead, I just popped down on the couch trying to change shoes… He called to my attention that I had left the balcony door open, so I got up to close it and he randomly handed me a new wrap-around journaling Bible. I had been eyeing this one for awhile, but I was confused.. People don’t just randomly give Bibles on vacation? I mean I was so excited, but confused… So he told me to open it and this is what I read, when I turned around he was down on his knee popping the question. I could not be more thrilled to marry the man that God hand-picked for me. Two months into our engagement and my Pinterest board is overflowing, but we still have no concrete plans. It’s okay, it’s a work in progress.

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