Hannah and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan was a senior at Butler High while Hannah was a freshman. Their mutual friend, Sarah (who happens to be their Maid Of Honor), asked Jordan to bring over some McDonald’s for her and her friends (Hannah was one of these friends). Jordan, being the gentleman he is, agreed to do so but failed to remember Hannah’s order of french fries (this is getting good, I know)! Although Hannah had an unconditional love for french fries, she couldn’t help but smile knowing she finally had a reason to text THE Jordan Jones (even if it was just to scold him for not remembering to order her first true love haha). Little did Hannah know, that was the most important text she would ever send in her life.

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That night started the story of Jordan and Hannah’s forever. They texted the rest of the day and finally said goodnight after Jordan called Hannah and kept her on the phone for a whopping three hours, but Hannah loved every second of it. They spent the rest of the summer obsessing over one another. They shared their first kiss August 12, 2009 and Jordan OFFICIALLY asked Hannah to be his October 24, 2009. Almost seven years later and their love and devotion to one another has only grew. C’MON SEPTEMBER 23, 2017! These lovebirds are ready to #SkippToJones!

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how they asked

On September 2nd, 2015, Hannah received a phone call from a limo company stating she had been selected out of a drawing from the Kentucky State Fair to win a four hour limousine ride! The only catch was that it had to be used this month and she had to agree to have pictures taken by the limo company to use for advertisement. Ecstatic, Hannah called Jordan to share with him the great news! She then explained that it would be a perfect opportunity to use this on her birthday, September 20th (Jordan had this alllll figured out). The plan was to go to Huber’s Winery with all of Hannah’s friends to celebrate and then Jordan would have the limo take the two of them to a restaurant that Jordan had chosen as a surprise. As the big day rolled around, they had a great time at Huber’s with all of their friends and then decided to head home (to get to the REAL fun). When they were pulling in Hannah’s driveway, this super fancy limousine was awaiting their arrival. Hannah was beyond excited!

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Before dropping them off at dinner, the limo stopped near the Belvedere. Here, the limo’s “photographer” was waiting for the couple and started to take a few pictures of them inside and around the limo. All of a sudden, the photographer asks if Jordan and Hannah would go near the Belvedere for a few more shots. Confused, Hannah questioned why she would be taking pictures of us with no limo in sight. She then explained to Hannah that she wanted to capture a beautiful destination the limo company could offer to take their customers (makes sense, right?) They continued on as she posed them as couples. Jordan even thought to make the sly comment “We should tell her we are brother and sister to see how red her face can get” haha! She then set Hannah up to pose for the last photo she would ever take with her boyfriend, Jordan.

She told Hannah she wanted her to look out into the Ohio River in a gaze, away from the camera. As she did so, Hannah felt a little tug on her dress. Turning around, Hannah witnessed the most memorable, heart throbbing sight of her entire life. Her first love, the first person she ever chose to put before myself, the reason she went into such a rigorous school program so that his life could be that much easier, her BEST FRIEND, had kneeled down on one knee.

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Immediately, she developed this giddy smile on her face that I don’t think has ever gone away to this day. It was the absolute sweetest thing and she wishes she could relive it every single day. Jordan recited this long speech that Hannah couldn’t even make out through his tears and sobbing. Somewhere in the midst of it, he asked her to marry him. Of course, Hannah said “YES!” followed by “That’s the dumbest question you’ve ever asked me!” haha! Hannah truly hopes each and every one of you has or gets to experience such an amazing moment once. It was, hands down, the best day of her entire life.

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After a few more pictures with her FIANCE, the couple decided to head to dinner! When walking inside the Old Spaghetti Factory, Hannah looked to her right to see their good friends sitting in their own private room. Hannah walked in to say “Hi” and saw all of her friends and family yell “SURPRISE!” She immediately felt the tears coming on so she covered her face and ran into Jordan’s arms to give him a hug (Hannah hates crying in front of people). No one had ever held a surprise party for her before and it was simply a feeling of overwhelming joy.

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Little did she know, most all of her friends already knew what had happened and showered her with tears, love, gifts, and too many pictures that consisted of her red eyes and runny makeup. It was truly the most perfect day and Hannah couldn’t ask for a better way to say “yes” to being Jordan Jones’ wife. On top of it all, Jordan spent hours making a video that captured the perfect proposal. Take a look below if you haven’t seen it already!

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