Hannah and Jordan

How We Met: [Background] Jordan and I met 3 years prior to our engagement. We were in youth group together at our church and overtime became best friends. We dated for 1 year and 2 months and then as a birthday gift, Jordan and his family took me to Disneyland.

This trip was very bitter sweet, because shortly after it was over, I was going to be heading off to college and starting the second year of our relationship at long distance. Even though we had only been together a year at that point, we both were commited to keeping the relationship that we had going even though we were about to start separate journeys apart.

how they asked: As our first day at Disneyland came to an end, we decided to go and see the legendary fireworks. we walked around aimlessly trying to find a place to watch them close to the castle.

I walked behind Jordan as he led me by hand through the relentless crowds anxiously awaiting the color-filled skies. His dad talked to crew members as Jordan informed me that his dad “knew some people” and was trying to get us a prime spot, when really he was devising a plan for the proposal!

We ended up watching the fireworks behind the castle near my favorite Dumbo ride. He put his arm around my waist as we watched the magnificent fireworks fill the skies above our heads. He pulled me closer to him and kissed my head. We smiled at each other about to share a moment and kiss as we were interrupted with a great surprise.


Since we couldn’t get front row seats, we were able to get a “private tour” of the castle directly after the fireworks. Two crew members led us under the ropes keeping out everyone else on both sides of the castle and started our tour, explaining the history of the marry-go-round we passed, and then the castle itself. We ended the tour with taking some family pictures under the arch of the castle.


First with Jordan’s whole family, and then a picture of the couples. When it was our turn for a couples picture, I noticed out of the corner of my eye Jordan bending down as I smiled and fixed my hair for the picture, as I turned to look at him about to ask what the heck he was doing and tell him to get up and take the picture with me, I realized what was really going on.

I saw him down on one knee, with my dream ring in the little black box before me. I couldn’t even believe it! Here we were at “the most magical place on earth,” everyone  still roped off from the castle as our siloet appeared in the arch of the castle.image

He then stumbled out the words, ” will you marry me?” And I have never seen him more nervous to ask me anything in his life!

Immediately I screamed yes! He jumped up and kissed me with the most greatful embrace and we held each other there in that moment as cameras flashed all around us from both sides of the castle.

After: The two crew members that were behind it all greeted us with his and hers Micky and mini hats, a glass slipper, and two of the extremely rare/ discontinued “Just Engaged” pins, and sent us off to get our hats engraved with our names.

We made our way through the crowd on our side of the castle as they cheered and Jordan held my hand up high with the ring on it as crew members announced us, saying “she said yes!”

After we got our hats engraved, we were then escorted by those same crew members to the ride “story book land” we cut the line and the boats in front and behind us were held so that we were completely secluded in our own little boat, able to bask in the excitement.

Our just engaged pins got us the VIP treatment the rest of the trip! The day after we also got our own boat for the “Pirates of then Caribbean” ride. And crew members all around the park wished us a happy engagement as we walked around! What a great way to end our first year together, and a perfect way to start my birthday, the years of long distance to follow, and our lifetime together to come.


~Jordan & Hannah~

August 6th, 2013