Jordan and Dina

How We Met

Jordan and I had met and became friends in junior high school. In college, we reconnected. He sent me emails and handwritten letters with collectible Britney Spears stickers. (For those who don’t know, I am the ultimate Britney Spears fan!) During our time as pen-pals, we fell in love and began a long-distance journey together. Our relationship led us through a total of five colleges, where we each earned two degrees. Eight years and 500 miles later, we reunited in the city we both grew up in and bought a home together.

how they asked

The morning he asked, I thought I was going to a surprise birthday party. He told me we were doing a birthday photo-shoot, but when we arrived at the scene, I knew at least that much was a lie. It had to be some kind of a party instead. As I was sitting on the back of a car, music began to play. It wasn’t until then when I realized what was going on: that Jordan, my then-boyfriend, now-finance, planned an elaborate dance skit of our love story – starring all of our family, friends, and coworkers!

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I was most impressed by the fact that the majority of our friends and family discovered the plan the night before or even the morning of – and were still able to learn the dance moves and put on a show. My most heartwarming moment was when our moms handed me the key to our house, and all of our loved ones were on the other side welcoming me home.

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