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I remember talking and dating different guys in college and it never being the “full package.” It seemed like there was something always missing. I always felt like there was something more. I was finally fed up and decided to take time to focus on myself . I fasted and prayed both for a God to bring a man into my life and to guide my steps. I remember it was the summer before Junior year of college in June 2013 and for some reason a man on IG caught my eye. So I did what everyone does and stalked his page (but no seriously). Just from his profile I could tell how genuine he was. How much his family and friends meant to him. I literally felt like it was some sign . To top it all off , my cousin also knew him and from there it was history. We talked and FT for awhile and have been inseparable ever since he asked me to be his girlfriend in February of 2014. To this day even in a long distance relationship for two year this August, I would do nothing different. He has been my number one supporter in medical school.

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For this past year we have all looked forward to Deuel graduating with his computer engineering degree. Leading up to this moment I was helping his sisters and mom plan and get ready for his graduation party (which I didn’t know would be my surprise proposal/ engagement party). The theme for his party was “Harlem Nights.” I stressed so much over this party with coordinating things (venue, cake, desert table), meanwhile his family was behind the scenes planning the proposal. My family was in town which wasn’t a surprise and didn’t make me suspicious since our families supported us and attended family events together all the time! He had the ring for 6 months and had been planning how he wanted to propose. When we were in the beginning of our dating stage, we both discovered we each had musical talents. One day he asked me to sing for him, and since I was shy I sent him a video of me singing “Diary” by Alicia Keys. My Birthday was the next week and he sent me a video of him playing the same song on the piano. At this point this man had my heart. With our musical background/ history I guess he decided what better way than to propose with a music video? He found the video “All I Do” by TROOP on YouTube and decided that this was the song. He wrote a script and with the help of his best friends Cece and Jardel Edmondson and their photography skills, his vision came to life! The venue was absolutely beautiful and the entire time I was thinking “ man this is nice for a graduation party!” After the video showed halfway into the party on a projector screen, he took me to a beautiful staircase and asked me to be his wife. It felt like everything was moving in slow motion. Best weekend of my life!

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