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how we met

Danielle and I met under some sad circumstances when one of her close friends passed away in a car accident in early 2012. I was one of the first people on the scene which ended up leading me to meet an amazing group of people who now I consider my family! Danielle was one of those people; our friendship grew much stronger into a relationship, and with the support of all of our friends we started dating in October of 2012! The past three years leading up to my proposal had been some of the best years of my life, we both went through trials and tribulations of life and always came out the other end stronger than ever.

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how they asked

The moment I knew I wanted to propose had to have been around Christmas time of 2014. We had gone through a lot at that time of the year, and it really showed me that she was the one and that I’m ready to take the next step in our relationship! Fist off, I started by telling family and friends to get their opinions if they thought we were ready. Every reaction was positive, our friends and family already consider us and “old married couple”. Then it was on to planning how, what, where, and when. Over the years Danielle has always hold me in joking, “When you ever propose to me, there better be a photographer hiding in the bushes, my hair better be done, I must look nice and most importantly my nails NEED to be done!” So Plan A was to take her to our favorite vacation spot and have a photographer hiding in the bushes and just get down on one knee. It seemed like a good plan, but the more I tried to put it into motion the plan became more and more flawed!

June 2015 hit and I thought, “OKAY LET’S DO THIS!” I snuck off to some jewelry stores with my mom every Monday when Danielle went to work. The process was stressful, but I owe it all to my mom for knowing her jewelry and Excel Jewelers in Langley, BC for their enormous amount of help. I simply went in the first time and showed them what Danielle likes, and it started from there. They showed me so many similar settings, I finally settled on one gorgeous setting. I was even able to customize so many of the details to make it an original piece and perfect for my bride-to-be!

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The entire process of making and building the ring took about five months, leading into October! In those months I had to arrange the actual proposal. I contacted Brooke from Brooklyn D Photography, and we talked for months planning this photo shoot. I told Danielle we needed some updated photos, as I am a photographer and was always jealous of the gorgeous shots my clients get! I finally settled on the date of October 25th. The ring was done and the shoot was booked! Now what the hell do I say?? The weeks leading up to the date, I was a stress case on the inside, not showing anything to Danielle. I felt horrible sneaking around and lying to her to throw her off!

The next plan I had to arrange was the surprise party. I decided that it would be an amazing idea to have all of our family and friends at my house ready to surprise Danielle when she walked in the door. This way saved us from the hundreds of phone calls to family, which would have felt so impersonal, and I was SO happy to include them all in this exciting day! But as if the stress of planning a proposal wasn’t enough, I am planning a surprise party for the same day. Luckily, I had SO MUCH help from my friends and family to decorate, get food, and have everyone there.

THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE! We woke up together, and I knew it would be a day neither of us would ever forget. Meanwhile, all Danielle knew is that we were getting some photos done! It had to have been the most romantic morning ever waking up next to my fiancé-to-be in less than 5 hours! I had gone home to get ready, and she was up all morning getting herself dolled up and gorgeous as usual. But I was freaking out! Once I was done getting ready, I put the ring in my pocket and headed out to propose. We had to drive out to Mission for our photos, and I don’t in the slightest remember the drive; I was just thinking about everything that was about to unfold. Once we finally got to the location, we met with the photographer, and she was SO amazing. She talked mostly to Danielle when we first met, just because she knew I was freaking out on the inside! We had done a couple of poses and then we were posed in THE position the photographer and I had talked about. Brooke gave me a squeeze on the arm, and I knew this was it! I hugged Danielle and whispered in her ear, “Do you know how much I Love you? I have a surprise for you…”

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I immediately dropped to one knee and spilled my heart out to her. I couldn’t tell you the exact words I was saying but all I do know is that Danielle kept repeating, “Is this for real, are you joking??” Amidst all of her tears and my nervous shaking, I asked her to my bride and make me the happiest man and marry me. SHE SAID YES!!

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She grabbed me by my collar and tugged me up and kissed me, a kiss I had never felt before; I swept her off her feet and kissed her!! The rest of the shoot was such a blur because Danielle couldn’t stop staring at the rock on her finger and asking, “Is this a dream??”

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The shoot had finished, and Brooke was so much fun to work with! As we were leaving the park at about 2, I texted my friend Kirsten who was handling the surprise party at home and said “STALL STALL STALL.” So I had to do my best thinking and headed to the closest gas station. (I didn’t need gas; I had just gotten some the night before.) I put about $4.00 worth of gas in the car and just stood there holding the handle! I told her I was thirsty, so we went in and got some drinks and food and slowly headed home. VERY SLOWLY.

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We finally pulled in the drive way and unlocked the door, she walked in, and everyone yelled, “SURPRISE!” All I thought was ahhhhhhhh finally, no more secrets, it’s finally out! There were so many friends and family there to congratulate us, and we proceeded to party for the rest of the day. It was a day filled with so much love and I will never forget how happy she was to see everyone there and that she now gets to plan a wedding! I couldn’t be happier to be engaged to the most amazing woman ever and embark on the next journey together.

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