Jordan and Dan

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How we met: Dan and I met in 2008 at Plano Senior High School. We were both 16 and homecoming was right around the corner. We had mutual friends who were sweet enough to set us up on what was essentially an awkward, blind, homecoming date! Shortly after, we started dating! What began as a teenage crush has evolved over the past 6 years into a deep friendship and and sweet love! I’m excited to marry that goofy 16-year-old guy I met in the football stands of our old high school!

how they asked: We were dating for a little over 6 years when Dan proposed! He orchestrated a whole day where I would essentially relive those past 6 years with all the people involved. On Sunday, December 7th 2014, I thought I was going to lunch to celebrate my new job with my best friend (now my maid of honor!).

I walked outside to leave and she and my other best friend (now my matron of honor!) were standing there next to a table with a bouquet of flowers, a framed picture, a scrapbook page, and a sealed letter. I knew then that we were not, in fact, going to lunch but that it would be a very special day I would treasure forever!

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The letter contained a clue that led me to our old high school where we first met and started dating.

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After being driven by my two best friends to our destination, I got out of the car to find yet another table setup with flowers, a framed picture, a scrapbook page and another letter. Surrounding the table were my girlfriends from high school and my future sister-in-law who I also met in high school. At this point, I was so shocked to see them all that I shed my first (of many) tears that day! The next clue led to my sorority house at the University of North Texas in Denton where we both went to school. I walked through the doors to find 25 of my sisters waiting for me on the staircase! In front of them, was another table with flowers, a framed picture, a scrapbook page, and yes…another clue!

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This clue led me to my old apartment complex where I was greeted by my old roommates and a pizza (I was very hungry at this point and my MOH arranged for them to get me some food! ) The clue I received there took me to The Village Church where we served and were a part of the college ministry there. All of the girls in my small group were there and an even bigger surprise came when I saw three of them had driven from hours away to be there! They prayed over me and gave me my final clue which led me to “The Square”-an old downtown area in our college town that was one of our favorite date night destinations. Every other place, my two best friends had gotten out of the car with me but at this place they made me go solo. “Go get your guy!” were their final words to me.

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I got out of the car and walk/ran to Dan who was standing in the middle of the courtyard with one last table, bouquet of flowers, framed picture, a scrapbook for all the pages to go in, and a small box. (I had a feeling I knew what was in it at this point!) After quoting a scripture and promising to love and serve me for the rest of our lives, he dropped to a knee and popped the question! Laughing and crying at the same time, I don’t even remember if I let him finish asking before I said YES!!! He made sure he got someone to capture the moment too!

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As if ALL of that weren’t enough….he told me a little white lie that we were going back to his parent’s house to see our families.While they were there, so was everyone else who had been there throughout the day! (About 85 people were involved in this proposal!) It was the sweetest, most thoughtful proposal I could’ve dreamt up! I got to retrace the course of our relationship and relive it at the same time with all the people who were there for those memories!

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Engagement Photos by: Feather and Twine