Jordan and Chris

How We Met

Chris and I met in January at college through a guy friend of mine who was considering joining the fraternity that Chris was in. My friend would continue to bring Chris around until us three were practically inseparable! I didn’t really think much of it at first, but soon my feelings for Chris were becoming more than just friendly. As our friendship grew, it did so rapidly. It was no longer the three of us hanging out, but just Chris and I. We would text constantly and spend more time together learning about each other than we did at school or studying for school ( how we still passed classes will forever be a mystery.) About one month after knowing Chris, I had already met his mother( who is amazing I might add) and I loved her immediately! This was the first time I had actually believed the saying “Watch how a man treats his mother, and that’s how he will treat you.” He walked right up to her and said “Hey, pretty girl!” and gave her the biggest hug. Something about that instantly drew me to him. He was kind-hearted, intelligent, caring, and hilarious! There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t see Chris. He easily became someone that I knew I was falling for, and looking back I know I could say the same for him also. Over the course of our relationship he would become the person I told everything to, the person I genuinely wanted to spend every minute with, the person that I knew, could potentially be the love of my life; and that he was.

how they asked

Chris and I were(are) currently living in different states for the time being since his job took him to Tennessee, where I am originally from, and I am currently in the nursing program in Georgia, where he is originally from. Funny how that worked out. So this particular weekend Chris was moving into our new apartment in Tennessee so that we could have a place when I graduated. His parents had all of our furniture and misc. in a trailer from our previous apartment so they were going to come with me and help move us in and brought family friends with them, who Chris and I were very fond of.

My parents also live in the same city so they were going to help as well. Before we made the drive, My Mom called me and asked if I would be interested in looking at a wedding venue and naturally because I wasn’t engaged, I was thinking this is crazy! She explained that my grandmother, who is in real estate and interior design, and she had renovated a little bit and wanted to show Chris and me first since she thought we would be the next to get married.

( Still not 100% on if she actually renovated, but hey, it got me there.) The night before, my brother and his wife made the drive from Nashville to come help move us in also ( should’ve known then, that that was weird.) So practically both of our families were coming to help us move, and since they were already in town, they came to look at the venue also. Immediately when we got there, I felt weird. Something was different, but yet everyone was acting normal!

I just put it off on the fact that I was looking at a venue, and I wasn’t engaged! We took a tour of the venue and all the rooms inside for the bridal party and groomsman, and reception area options. It was absolutely beautiful. While in the reception area, a photographer, Millie, had approached us and the owner told us she does photos of the venue for him and other stuff that sounded super convincing! She asked the group if anyone would be willing to take pictures of her and the venue so they could see different things they could do there and so on.

Thinking nothing weird of that, at all, Chris and I agreed! She walked around to the front and had us do a few poses on the steps for her, which we played around with a bit. Then she had us walk down the “aisle” and when we got to the end, we turned and looked at each other. She had us do a little pose and then said we could do whatever we wanted and she would give me copies of the photos ( how nice of her.) While holding Millie’s pose, I had my hand on Chris’s face, and we were looking at each other, then Millie said her camera lens was acting funny to give her a second. I was looking at her and before I knew it I looked back at Chris and he was no longer standing.

He was on a knee with the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen. I was in utter shock and it took me a good minute to figure out what just happened! I was so giggly and excited, I just could not believe it. Of course, I SAID YES! but I did ask him if he was sure he wanted to marry me before I took the ring so he had his chance! We laughed, hugged and we almost forgot to put the ring on my finger! I almost forgot our families were there so I tried to hurry and wipe the tears from my face before they saw me a mess!

They came out shortly after and embraced us with lots of hugs! The moment was so special and I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal! Chris outdid himself, and planned everything to a T! The venue, our families, the photographer, just everything. The pictures are priceless, the scenery is stunning, and my fiancé, well; he’s perfect.

Special Thanks