Jordan and Brent

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how we met

Brent and I met on my first day of work 2 1/2 years ago, and we met on my first day! We work at Taco Bell HQ in Irvine, in the same department, so we kept our relationship under wraps for quite a while so we could figure out if this was the real deal. (Spoiler alert: IT WAS)

I spent that first-day training at a desk, while this cutie of a man kept making any excuse to come up to my desk and chat. Later in the week, some of us wanted to rent bikes and ride to lunch. I wore jeans (with no pocket, AWFUL) and I couldn’t hold my phone or credit card. In my terrible attempt to flirt, I asked Brent if he would hold my belongings. After lunch, I took my phone but spaced on grabbing my credit card from him. He later used our communication tool at work, Skype, to IM me and strike up a convo. Major kudos to Brent! He then asked for my Snapchat ( which I instantly hated but I went with it cause Why not) and shortly after that texting began. I remember going on a date with someone, while Brent and I were just friends, and I actually faked food poisoning so I could go home and focus on texting him. Not ashamed…I just knew I was destined to get to know him. It was worth it because He asked me on a date that following weekend :)

From the moment I met him, he changed my life. We dated for 3 weeks before we moved in together. We got a dog this past January, it only makes sense that the ring came now! He is my other half and my best friend! How could I not say yes? The best part of this whole story? We had actually met on Bumble 2 weeks before I started at Taco Bell, but I had abruptly deleted the app because I didn’t want to end up matching with people from work. Logical right? We actually realized we had swiped right on each other almost 3 months into us dating. Too funny! The stars totally aligned- and sometimes we thank bumble….but we mostly thank Taco Bell :)

how they asked

Let me start off by saying, Brent is a total trickster. Months, even years, leading up to the proposal he would always say things like “are your nails done?” or “Do you like your hair like that?” or, “should we dress up?”. He would always say things that would make me think he was proposing, but it was just him being funny. Now fast forward to the day he proposed. He did his normal routine of “Aw your nails look so pretty!” or “YES! you are curling your hair!”. By that time, I was thinking, yeah right he is not proposing today. He totally threw me off the scent. We were on our way to Laguna beach for a hike with our pup that day. When we got to the hiking trail, Brent was abnormally slow. He wanted to go to the bathroom, take selfies, look at the view….Me being the one who is always go-go-go, this irritated me! haha
A few minutes later, we were walking on the trail and I noticed this girl with a huge sunhat on, and a camera. She was taking pictures of the view, but she would quickly walk out of our sightline.
When we got to a spot overlooking the city, and tied our pup up, and got down on one knee. And the lady in the sunhat (who happened to be my friend from college) popped out of nowhere and captured the WHOLE THING. The pictures are something i look at daily and i am so happy that she captured all of my expressions.
I don’t even remember what Brent said, but i do remember the pure joy and excitement in my heart. Brent the trickster, what a GUY! :)

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