Jordan and Brandan

How We Met

Brandan and I met when we were in the 2nd grade. He lived down the street from me and his cousin happened to be my childhood best friend. Although we had been friends majority of our life we didn’t start dating until our sophomore year of high school. We’ve been together for over 5 years now.

how they asked

August 25th was my birthday. So he woke me up that morning and told me to get in the car because we were going to LA. He already had my bags packed and ready to go. On our way down to LA, he mentions to me where going to Dinseyland the following day. (My favorite place EVER) so I’m super excited. I asked what our plans are for this evening since we wouldn’t visiting Disneyland until the next day. He tells me we’re going to dinner but won’t tell me where. I thought that was weird but he always likes to surprise me, so I went with it.

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