Jordan and Ashley

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How We Met

Jordan and I first met through a mutual friend who was living with me at the time. It was actually already past midnight and Jordan sent her a text message saying he was bored and around. She then told me he was going to come over and that was how we first met. It sounds cliche but I’m pretty sure I knew he was the one that very first night that I met him. There was just something so special from the first time we met just like an instant connection. What makes our relationship so special is that we were best friends before we were ever anything else; as much as we both tried to hide our feelings at the beginning, it was inevitable. We support each other in all of our craziness and we never give up on each other no matter what.

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how they asked

The proposal happened in Niagara Fall in the Oaks Garden theater in front of this gorgeous small fountain all lit up. I’m not sure it was going to happen but I could feel that he was so nervous all night. He knew Niagara Falls is my happy place and so I think that’s why he chose to propose to me there.

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He wanted to make my special place even more special. The ring is absolutely breath-taking; it’s a three-tiered princess cut white gold and diamond ring. The tiers represent the past, present, and future. those words are also engraved inside the band.

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