Jordan and Antonio

How We Met

The sweetest story of high school sweethearts you may ever hear! At fourteen years old we first met during CCD at our local church where our special connection first sparked. Going into high school, we became closer and closer through school activities. Our high school had a homecoming float competition each year and I would often host the meetings to assemble the float. He would make sure to attend everyone one of my meetings to spend as much time with me as possible. In September of our freshman, we started dating. Being so young at the time our relationship mostly consisted of our parents driving us to each other’s houses and on our dates. Throughout high school, our relationship flourished.

Jordan's Proposal in Point Judith Beach in Rhode Island

Proposal Ideas Point Judith Beach in Rhode Island

Me being the cheerleader to his football team and him attending my dance competitions, we supported each other always. Graduating high school and going into college was a new chapter for us, much different from what we were used to. We were going to different schools, 100s of miles away from each other. Throughout our four years of college, we stayed strong and made the long distance work for us. Although very hard at times, the support for each and from our family and friends made us get through. Now, looking into the future, we will be moving from RI to TX for Antonio’s career as an Active Duty Army Nurse. A HUGE decision for me to move away with him but an easy one. I want nothing more than to show my support for him and to be there for him for this new chapter of our lives. With this in mind, we decided to look for engagement rings together and make the ultimate commitment to each other.

Jordan and Antonio's Engagement in Point Judith Beach in Rhode Island

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Point Judith Beach in Rhode Island

how they asked

My two best friends and I made plans to go down to Narraganset beach to have dinner and watch the sunset, a typical summertime activity for Rhode Islanders. I had not suspected that Antonio wouldn’t be waiting for me on the beach to propose to me.

After dinner, we were in a rush to get to the beach in order to not miss the sunset. The private beach we went to has a long path down to the beach with a large staircase leading down. When we got there, there were some people lined up along the stairs looking down at the beach with their phones and cameras out. Me, not thinking anything of it, kept walking down the stairs too. And to my surprise, there is Antonio standing there under this believe archway waiting for me. In shock, I stood there just looking down at him from the stairs. One of the strangers standing there says to me “Wait, who’s the bride?”, tearful I replied, “It’s me!”.

I followed the rose petal path to meet Antonio under the archway… a scene right out of The Bachelor, I swear! He was so emotional, I comforted him and let him collect himself before he continued on to tell me everything he loves about me and asked me to marry him. It was such a special, joyful moment. He had a professional photographer there to capture our moment and my friends had brought a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Everything about the proposal was exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t have imagined anything better!

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