Jordan and Allie

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Jordan and I met through a mutual friend at a game night about 2 years ago. We exchanged numbers so we could plan a snowboarding trip with a bunch of friends. After snap chatting back and forth and texts here and there, Jordan and I went to another game night together. This was the first time we really hung out. We left the game night super early and went downtown to hike a small hill. It was so easy to talk to him and he wasn’t like any other guy I’d ever met. He was real and funny and I liked that. From that night on, we hung out every day. I fell in love with his stories, his smile, his laugh, his humor. He opened up to me and respected me. He became my very best friend. We started dating about a month later and continued to date for the next 9 months. We spent every single day together. I knew I loved him early on and each day I loved him more and more. It blew my mind how it could just keep getting better and better. I couldn’t live without him. He became my everything.

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how they asked

I love this story. Jordan’s dear photographer friend Olivia Markle was coming into town and posted on her Instagram story that she was wanting to do a couples shoot in Sedona. Jordan and I had no professional pictures together so he told her we would be willing to do it! I had no idea he was planning to propose during the shoot. We both had talked about marriage but decided that we would wait longer. I didn’t picture it happening any time soon. We were going to take the pictures that coming Sunday so it was incredible that he was able to get a ring made within a few days. He told Olivia his plan too so she was in on it as well.

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Throughout the day we visited various spots to take pictures. We took so many of him picking me up, tossing me around, kissing my forehead and grabbing me from behind. It was a dream to be with my boy in such a gorgeous place capturing these moments. I still had no idea what was happening but behind the scenes, Olivia and Jordan were trying to find the perfect spot for him to propose. Towards the end of the day when the sun was setting perfectly, we found a breathtaking view and stopped to hike up a little ways and check it out. I guess Jordan and Olivia both knew this was the spot, so Olivia said she wanted to take some photos of just me.

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She had me turn around and was taking some photos of me from behind. I looked out at the pretty red rock and the glowing sunset when Olivia told me to turn back around. I turned and found my sweet boy down on one knee with the most beautiful ring in his hand. HOW DID HE PULL THAT OFF?!

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He asked me to marry him and without a doubt in my mind I said yes. The weather was beautiful, the scenery was beautiful, I was in so much shock and it was honestly the perfect way for Jordan to propose.

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Special Thanks

Olivia Markle
 | photographer