Jordan and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I met at High Point University, in High Point N.C just after his freshman year and my sophomore year. He saw on social media that the university had done a spotlight post on me and looked me up after that! We met on social media before we even met in person! We eventually went out on a few dates but never formally “dated” because as he told me at the time he “wasn’t ready for a serious relationship right now.” I was very disappointed (he’s so sweet and kind and handsome and wonderful!) but had nothing but respect for him and we remained friends.

The next few years Alex went on to be Class President, we worked together on campus and ran in similar circles. I ended up dating someone else (UGH, I know) and graduated. A year later, he graduated. Finally, Alex found out that I was single again (literally days after I had broken up with the other guy) and went to text me. But, since graduation, I had gotten a job and a new phone number so it bounced back! He reached out via Instagram, got my number and we haven’t gone a day since then without talking!

how they asked

It was the most well-thought-out plan EVER. Here we go: September 23rd is my best friend, McKenzie’s birthday! Alex had tickets to a football game and suggested that we ask McKenzie along too (because he knew I wouldn’t want to just leave her on her birthday- she’s also my roommate!) The morning of the game I threw on my team t-shirt and jeans and a ponytail and headed down to make breakfast. My little sister (Taylor) texted me asking if she could come pick up some things she had left at the house and I told her yes, but that she had to hurry because we were leaving to drive to the game and tailgate – I didn’t want to be late.

When Taylor arrived she packed up the thing she had left and then she and McKenzie sat me down. “So,” she started, “we aren’t going to the game. We are doing something else.” Surprised and shocked, I didn’t know what to do. We had plans to go to this game for WEEKS. Taylor handed me an envelope and McKenzie pulled out her camera to record my reaction. Something was up. In the envelope, was a card from Alex! Explaining to me how much he loved me and that today was going to be a very very special day! The note told me to hand over my phone, and get ready for an adventure! (I was worried about giving up my phone because my job is sort of “on call” all the time but Alex had reached out to my boss and worked it out with her! I kept asking over and over if she knew what was happening and McKenzie and Taylor kept reassuring me that EVERYONE but me knew what was happening today!)

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When I was ready there was another note – sending me to the restaurant we first went out on a date. It was still early and I knew this restaurant didn’t open until the evening but we pulled in and in the parking lot was my childhood best friend from where I grew up in Virginia. She had a clue to High Point University where Alex and I met and when we pulled into school my college roommate and a great friend were waiting – one of them now lives in Nicaragua and CAME BACK TO SURPRISE ME! WHAT?! Next, we headed to get my nails done and another sweet friend was there! Then the treated us all to lunch (!!) and his older sister was waiting at lunch! Next, we went shopping for a new outfit for me at the outlet mall! (We grabbed some coffee at the mall!)

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Then the girls all headed out, except for Taylor and McKenzie – we continued and went to Barnes and Nobel (I’m a bookwork) to get a wedding planning book and a cupcake place Alex and I had gone on a date to (I’m also obsessed with cupcakes). After that, we headed to Jordan Lake. In between each stop along this journey so far Alex had a note from all the women in my life (my childhood mentor, my favorite professor from college, my “big sister”, some of my favorite grade school teachers and videos from my parents, grandparents, little brother and aunt, uncle and little cousins. I WAS A MESS. HOW SWEET!?

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My sister walked me down the beach at Jordan Lake and there was Alex, with rose petals and candles and the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. Also a sneaky hidden photographer (family friend). He thought of everything! After a romantic few minutes on the beach together, the actual proposal, some extra photos, and everything. Alex said we were going to go to celebrate at dinner! Off to dinner, we went. On the way to dinner, he said we would stop by his sisters house (I hadn’t seen her since lunch) because he promised we would go by and show her the ring. She lives right on the way to dinner. We pull up to dinner and literally EVERYONE – all the girls who had been with me earlier, their significant others, my parents, my aunt and uncle and cousins, my grandparents, Alex’s family- were at his sisters house for a surprise engagement party!

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It was the PERFECT day! He had been planning for over 6 months and I STILL cannot believe it!

Special Thanks

Dr. Dean Strickland
 | Photographer