Jordan and Aaron


How We Met

Aaron and I met at church when I was 5 he was 7. I always had a crush on him, but he was friends with my brothers and never really noticed me. Finally, when I turned 13 he asked me to be his girlfriend. We dated all throughout high school and before I left for college, I decided to break up with him because I didn’t think our relationship was benefitting me the way I thought it was supposed to. We were separated for about a year, and grew up immensely. Finally, at a football game, he looked at me and said “Are you ready now?”. From that moment on, I knew I was going to be with him forever.


We dated for about 5 years while I was in high school, and just now about 2 more years. All together I’ve 7.5 years with this man, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

how they asked

We left for a missions trip to the Dominican Republic. Little did I know, that he was planning this elaborate proposal. It was our free day and we were headed to the beach. We weren’t in the ocean for about 5 minutes and Aaron steps on a sea urchin. With about 12 spikes in his foot, we hobbled to the beach, sat in a chair, and I began to pull spikes out of his foot for about an hour. Some of the spikes were too deep into his foot that we had to wait until we got back to the States to see a doctor. We were eating dinner and he asked me if I would go walk on the beach with him. As we were walking down the beach, talking, he looked at me and said “So I have a question”. As he pulled the ring out of his pocket, I was shocked and hit his hand.


Now, keep in mind, we’re on the beach at about 8 o’clock at night in a foreign country and he drops this immaculate ring into the sand. I was crying, he found the ring, placed it on my finger and told me how much he loved me.


All of our friends surrounded us with pictures and love. It really was the best night of my life.