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How We Met

I was living in Kansas City, dipping my toe into online dating for the first time. One day, I checked my email to find a message from a guy in Minneapolis who said he “couldn’t take me out, but would love to Skype.” It took about five seconds of checking out his profile to convince me that I HAD to talk to this guy.

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When we did, we spent five hours talking and immediately set up time to visit each other in person (I said “how about in three weeks when my semester ends?” and he said “how about Sunday?” We met Sunday.) Man, oh man, that was the first date to end all first dates. Then I visited him in Minneapolis a few weeks later, and we realized we had to keep this going, whatever distance. I finished up school and moved up to be with him one year later!

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how they asked

For months, though I didn’t know the significance at the time, I had a brunch scheduled with a friend of mine for a Sunday morning. She offered to drive, and after brunch, she asked me if I would mind if we stopped at IKEA to pick up a few things, so off we went. We walked into the store and the greeter handed me a map. I took it to fold up and put away before I realized there was something on the front of it. It was a perfect replica of the Maurader’s Map from Harry Potter, complete with a note addressed to me! I stared for a good 10 seconds before realizing what the note said…that it was going to lead me to my “ideal man.” My friend pulled me up the escalator, and at the top, another friend was waiting, along with a photographer and two videographer friends. Following the map, I was led throughout the store to different stations, each one representing one of my “ideal men” AKA my celebrity crushes. Each of these stations was manned by more of our friends, reading poems about the celebrity that stated why they couldn’t be the right man for me.

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When I turned the corner to the final station, the As-Is section, my now-fiancé was waiting along with 20 more of our friends, who burst into applause. He told me he had one more thing to say. A song started to play, and as soon as I realized what it was, I lost it. The song is called “Settle for Me” from the TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and my fiancé was lip syncing the song as a way to say “these ideal men you’ve seen are great, but why not just settle for me?” The music faded, he pulled out the ring, and he got on his knee.

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Having walked through the store for about 30 minutes waiting to find him, I could barely wait until he got out the words before saying yes! The whole store applauded, and we got to spend a wonderful afternoon with all of our friends who then got to tell me all the ways they were involved in the planning for the last several months.

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