Jonny and Jennae's "Commercial Shoot" Proposal

Jonny and Jennae (1)How We Met: Jonny and I met through mutual friends. My roommate and his roommate had been hanging out a lot. One night my roommate came home and told me about Jonny and how funny he was and how she thought that I would really like him! After hearing that, I kind of pushed it aside and we didn’t actually really meet and become friends until months after. Our friend groups became one and we eventually began to hang out more and more often. I got to see first hand how funny he was and I loved that he always kept the mood light and hearty. I didn’t realize until months after becoming friends that I had developed a crush on him! Now here comes the embarrassing part of the story. Jonny had posted a throwback picture of himself on Instagram and I decided to be bold and send him a Snapchat saying “date me?” He took the bait immediately and we went on a date that night. We’ve been inseparable ever since!

how they asked: Jonny had been setting up a “commercial shoot” for H.M. Cole, the custom suit company he works for, and I completely believed him. He invited all our friends to meet up at the shooting area in their Sunday best and everything about this “shoot” made sense. All the cameras and video footage being taken; it just made sense! Our friends were getting pulled aside in groups to talk about the look of custom suits, or so I thought. At the end of the shoot, Jonny gathered everyone together to thank them for coming out and began thanking the photographer and videographer, and the next thing I knew I heard the words: “she does engagement videos, which all of you know is actually what this is…” and he turns and looks at me. I immediately began crying and was so shocked! He did a great job with the surprise factor and I’m happy that we have a video of the moment to cherish for the rest of our lives! Thanks Amber!!!

Jonny and Jennae (4)

Jonny and Jennae (3)

Jonny and Jennae (2)

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Videography by: Amber Lewis Videography
Photography by: Lindsey Orton Photography
Suits by: H.M. Cole
Ring by: Andrew Beesley