Jones and Max

How We Met

This is the story of two co-workers with some hefty crushes on one another who knew each other for a month-or-so that went out for some drinks after work, and 9 months later ended up with a baby! Holy smokes! Against all the odds, it’s been smooth sailing for the three of them.

First comes drinks, then comes the baby in its baby carriage, somewhere along the way love happened, and now we have arrived at marriage! That’s how that little saying goes right?

how they asked

Max plays guitar in a local band called Zero Found who happened to be playing a show at the Larimer Lounge. Unlike most of their shows this one was very special. As smart as I am, I’m not proud to admit I didn’t see it coming as there were so many dead give aways that I’m ashamed I wasn’t clever enough to figure it out. The night started off normal with me and my older sister getting ready together and then a sitter whom was a sister to one of Max’s friends showed up to watch our son for the evening. Give away number one, as usually one of the grandparents, or siblings always watch him. Arriving at the show it was very crowded with a lot of our friends and former co workers, which was to be expected. It was when I ran into my Father that I was surprised. I asked him “what are you doing here?” And he just said “I’m here for the show.” Giveaway number two. Although odd as it was I had, had a few drinks and brushed it off. Then my best friend Rachel who had recently moved to Kentucky showed up, and gave me the same “I’m here for the show” line and I thought man you flew all the way here from Kentucky to come and didn’t even tell me. Giveaway number two. As the venue filled with more family members; his Dad and Step Mom, his brother & sister in law, cousins, so on and so on. I was just happy and excited to be out and around so many people I loved. When the band started playing I was just minding my own business, watching the man of my dreams shred the guitar when they finished the 2nd song and Max was given the microphone. All I was thinking was oh boy it’s a Star Wars rant… To my surprise this is what followed: “Hey everyone, a lot of you know me as Jones’ worst half- to which I am. My name is Max. Um, anyways I just wanted to take a second to say she is the best mother -crowd cheers- and I would not be half the person that I am today without her -crowd cheers- some of you have known us before what we are now -crowd cheers- and for those of you, you know we have done everything completely ass-backwards.-crowd cheers- Anyways Jones means so much to me. Jones? Where is she? -crowd starts calling me on to stage- There she is. *Max begins to address me* Hey, I really like your shoes. (first thing he ever said to me.) Um, well everything we do has been done backwards but this, this deserves to be done properly because you deserve that. *the knee thing happens* -crowd goes bananas- Jonesy will you officially marry me? I dropped to my knees partially because I felt like I may pass out but mostly because I just had to see him face to face in that moment. It literally brought me to my knees. Come to find out literally everyone in that room knew what was about to happen apart from me. Go figure. Then the band picked up again and we all danced out faces off!

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